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dylandoggylover June 3rd, 2018 1:12am

Do you think millennials have it harder now with student debt, unskilled low paying jobs, unemployment, underemployment, stress, anxiety, and depression,

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youngliberty California
06/03/18 2:53 pm

The only thing that seems to be getting harder is the requirement of college degrees, which also drives up college prices.

06/03/18 7:18 am

I am a millenial and I don't understand what the hubub is. I get good grades, work hard at my job, and don't usually have to worry about money. I will worry about student loans after I get a job out of college. It is not as hard as they make it seem. They all have work little, play hard mentalities (which is why they like Bernie so much).

ronderman North Carolina
06/03/18 6:38 am

Not at all. Millennials are products of their own decisions.

Wackacrat Harford County
06/03/18 3:46 am

You forgot to add on top of all of that, their crying and feeling sorry for themselves. I can’t imagine the struggles. Going to college and having to pay for it. Getting more than 1 job. The horror. Living with a room mate and not having your own apartment. Why even live?

theNobamist Silicon Valley
06/02/18 9:58 pm

Imagine being an adult during the Obummer economy and dealing with unemployment, underemployment, debt, ...
and not riding on your parents' health and car insurance, paying a rent/mortgage, getting the groceries...

theNobamist Silicon Valley
06/02/18 9:59 pm

Thank Goodness Trump won the election!

Kyle5 TN
06/03/18 12:33 am

You just described the time period in which most millennials were job hunting. Before Trump.

PB246 California
06/02/18 9:40 pm

Challenges are different but I don’t think it’s harder. I think it has become socially acceptable and even expected for people to complain or feel entitled now because most people think their voice is super important when maybe it isn’t all the time. Ok sure being able to become financially independent is tough now but so was being drafted during Vietnam or being a young person during the civil rights movement who was “outside the norm.” And when you think about the challenges pervious generations faced then this isn’t so bad. It’s now I think tougher for people to live within their means when social media is so in your face with trying to look good.

06/02/18 9:36 pm

The big issue is student loans. I believe they should be forgiven, and never handed out again. Should be grants based on academic performance with the requirement of having a part time job. Also, high school preach about college too much

PB246 California
06/02/18 9:48 pm

I agree to an extent. Yes, some colleges and universities are way expensive. But there are a huge number of kids going to college and exploring and then picking a major with no real career potential or potential for a job that doesn’t pay much. It’s ok to have a day job that you kind of are into but good at and then have other interests that you’re super passionate about but not get paid to do. Ie. it’s ok to major in accounting and become an accountant but then be passionate about learning about cultural anthropology and travel a lot when you aren’t working.

Squidboy Snarkapottamus
06/02/18 9:09 pm

Challenges are different. They don’t have to worry about being drafted. They won’t die of the plague, smallpox or other cured diseases. Food and clothing is cheap and plentiful. Jobs are easy to find....there are over 6 million openings right now.

Acow Where is the Source
06/02/18 7:38 pm

And add all that on to a group of oldies who constantly need to tell everyone else they had it harder, and that everything in their generation is better.

theNobamist Silicon Valley
06/02/18 9:56 pm

My parents told me that.

My mom still does!

Kyle5 TN
06/03/18 12:34 am

Pretty much every generation has done that and will do that since the beginning of modern civilization.

Acow Where is the Source
06/03/18 8:49 am

I know, it’s just consistently annoying.

06/02/18 7:27 pm

They have it easy and good

HammeringMan Gods Away On Business
06/02/18 7:17 pm

Every generation must face the crisis of crossing over into adulthood and it sucks.

Cherepaxa Thirdworld and firstworld
06/02/18 7:07 pm

Stats show larger debt, decreased life expectancy, later marriages, etc.

So factually yes, millenials are not as materially coddled as earlier generations in first world nations.

ProudAmerican44 New Joisey
06/02/18 6:46 pm

If I was my son I would have anxiety, depression and everything else you listed..he’s looking at close to a hundred grand in student loan debt..hopefully he becomes the doctor he’s always wanted to be..

PB246 California
06/02/18 9:50 pm

Your son is doing something others aren’t always doing: hoping to be a doctor. There are others that spend $50000 a year to go to a top university to study in a field that at most ends up with a job that makes $30000 a year. I hope it works out for your son!

snagglepuss Story Time
06/02/18 6:20 pm

Yes. It’s a lot harder now than when I started out.

WeightlessWings District of Columbia
06/02/18 6:15 pm

As a millenial, no I don't