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SHIPPY1944 June 3rd, 2018 12:20am

Has anyone watched Memorial Day tribute on you tube “Mansions of the Lord” what are your thoughts & feeling after viewing ?

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SHIPPY1944 Tn.
06/02/18 6:36 pm

Did any of you watch or do anything to remember our fallen military on Memorial Day or any other day for that matter❓could you please state your reasons❓

06/03/18 1:10 pm

I just watched it, there were a couple of videos; each were quite moving. As a child, my father was the commander of a V.F.W., so I had the honor of growing up with the influence of WWII, Korean, and Vietnam veterans, their stories were wonderful, but they taught me respect for this country and those who fought for it. Memorial Day was always a sad day, to remember those who had passed, but it was also a happy day to honor those who were still with us. That video brought back those same memories. I wish I could talk to many of those men one more time and ask them questions about things that I am to young to remember.
In September, at school, we have to do a lesson plan specifically for Constitution Day, I wish it were mandatory for us to do a lesson plan for Memorial Day because kids do not know what Memorial Day actually means and they should know.