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OpionsRdumb June 2nd, 2018 7:13pm

Regardless of if whether you’ve ever visited or not, what’s your opinion of the city of Philadelphia?

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cpaswr just say the letters
06/05/18 4:03 am

I’ve been there a few times. I always enjoyed my visits.

bartman71 USW
06/04/18 12:57 am

They threw snowballs at Santa!

Jazzy5 USA
06/03/18 5:53 am

My birth city is a wonderful place to visit and get out.
Our early history is there. The Bell, the historical squares, city hall is a great view from S Broad Street, Art Museum and great food. (To me the best.)
Reading Market is some of the best food around..
Chickie and Pete’s- hoagies and bread.
The best bread in the world. Pound cake, that people stand in line to get.
Home of the World Champion Eagles plus the Phillies..
And the one time Broad Street Bullies..
History... we have it.

06/02/18 5:51 pm

Most quintessential American city.

HammeringMan Gods Away On Business
06/02/18 4:54 pm

Philadelphia Cream Cheese is about the only thing I honestly can say I like, apart from what was learned in high school history.

Wackacrat Harford County
06/02/18 3:28 pm

My favorite of 3 cities within 2 hours of me. Baltimore is ok and charming but trash outside the harbor, DC is just a nightmare to get to, and Philly has its ups and downs but overall my favorite.

jenkp223 Being a mommy
06/02/18 2:03 pm

I liked the historical aspect when I visited there, but I’m not generally a fan of Pennsylvania.

Sentinel Ya ie wa noh
06/02/18 12:40 pm

I am from Reading, PA. and used to drive up to Philly on a regular bases, Philly has a little bit of everything for everyone, overall it is rich in history and culture for all.....Philly has its moments.....good & bad.....

Texas1 did not proofread
06/02/18 12:40 pm

Think I’ll make a philly pizza tonight.

06/02/18 12:35 pm

Very positive 🦅

Mariland neon butterfly garden
06/02/18 12:19 pm

Me gusta.
Have visited 4-5 times, half of that as a parent
But, I always I enjoyed myself.
The Please Touch Museum is amazing 💚