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mtdewbob June 2nd, 2018 1:49pm

The United States estimated GDP numbers for the year are now at 4.7%. 🤔

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ladyniner81 extremists are a cancer
06/08/18 9:36 am

Another stupid Trump is so much better than that evil Obama. 😴💤💤💤

06/02/18 12:43 pm

You have a link supporting that. All the ones I found predict about 2.9 for this year after 2.3 for last year....

midnightblue over there
06/02/18 1:02 pm

It’s the GDP estimate for the second quarter of 2018, not for the entire year. And it’s 4.8%, not 4.7%.

06/02/18 1:18 pm

It seems that GDPnow's predictions are almost always too high and turn out wrong....

midnightblue over there
06/02/18 1:19 pm

Yes. This article gives an annual projection of 2.9%. The Fed gives a quarterly estimate, which is where the 4.8% number came from.

06/02/18 1:26 pm

Like I said gdpnow's numbers are questionable. Check their history. They are always dropping them because they aren't accurate...

midnightblue over there
06/02/18 1:40 pm

They’re usually off, yes. Anyway, I’m not getting into how accurate they are. I’m only responding to your initial point about where the 4.7% number that the poll asks about came from. And it came from the Fed. 👍

06/02/18 2:08 pm

GDP of the US is 18.57 trillion

lcamino Florida and Georgia
06/02/18 9:00 am

Under Obama, they said growth would never be that high again.

06/02/18 7:30 am


mtdewbob Arizona
06/02/18 6:50 am

In eight years of the Barack Obama administration the GDP numbers never hit 3%. 😳