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BatuRaja June 2nd, 2018 12:13pm

If you are a man do you routinely open car doors for women and if you are a woman do you let men open your car door?

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outlaw393 Tired of Life
06/02/18 11:28 am

I appreciate traditional manners every now and then

Radon Parts Unknown
06/02/18 10:48 am

To all women that think chivalry is rude and condescending... Just wait till it goes away for good. Hahaha

Portal Ohio
06/02/18 10:32 am

Nope, girl here. I don't like to support the idea that men need to do everything for women and that we can't do shit on our own. I will hold open doors for anyone but it is definitely not a mandatory thing for me

lcamino Florida and Georgia
06/02/18 9:47 am

Yes, men open doors for me. I open doors for elderly people, mothers with strollers, and people with their hands full.

06/02/18 8:13 am

Yes and it is a polite thing to do.

06/02/18 7:48 am

No, I see women as equals. If I open a door for them, it's in a scenario in which I would also open the door for a man.

CrazDab Florida
06/02/18 7:05 am

I stopped doing it to strangers because they look at me weird and awkwardly slide by holding onto their pocketbooks like I’m about to snatch it. Lol. I must have just that look 🤷‍♂️

mommamia illinois
06/02/18 6:23 am

My boyfriend opens doors for me quite regularly. I don’t require it, but it certainly is a gentlemanly gesture & I appreciate it. When he opens my car door, I usually slide in & reach across to open his, too.

Kay41 the Midwest
06/02/18 5:59 am

Regular doors yes. My husband and sons almost always open them for me. But, it is easier to open my own car door. When they aren't around I find myself opening doors for other people all the time!

JustHarry FL
06/02/18 5:50 am

77, I still open doors for women, fully understanding that they are capable to open a car door. Most women I find do appreciate the act as a courtesy to them.