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nathanieldav June 2nd, 2018 12:23am

Have you ever failed a class in school?

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Texas1 did not proofread
06/02/18 12:29 am

Yeap, real hard to pass if you only show up once...

Muffin2424 Utah
06/01/18 11:09 pm

A couple I think but I can't remember exactly.

06/01/18 10:54 pm

I had to take algebra 4 times in college to pass with credit. What an expensive class and waste of money. 2+2=Chicken!

theNobamist Silicon Valley
06/01/18 10:49 pm

44% have failed a class???
It's not like quantum mechanics and intellectual property law are required in elementary school.

nathanieldav Connecticut
06/03/18 6:46 am

To be fair it does not specify what year of school.

susanr Colorado
06/01/18 8:57 pm

For one grading period in high school. Does that count? It wasn’t the whole course, so I guess not. I had an incomplete because I didn’t turn in some project. I still didn’t turn it in, so the teacher changed the incomplete to an F. He was my favorite teacher in high school. Still was, after he gave me the F.

CrazDab Florida
06/01/18 5:46 pm

Not exactly. I was lucky. The only reason why I passed was because the teacher lost his grade book and what ever grade we showed him from a previous graded paper was the grade we got. And we had a end of the year project. And I did a project that required his assistance. But he taught college and didn’t have time to help me after school. So I got an A for effort. lol. That was chemistry in HS. But the weird thing about it, the very next year I took chemistry in college and I actually understood it. That actually turned out to be my best and favorite subject. Chemistry. And I love organic chemistry. I can’t believe I was so bad at it in HS. Almost failed 🤷‍♂️😂

CrazDab Florida
06/01/18 5:46 pm