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Malekithe This does not compute
06/02/18 3:49 am

There should be no minimum wage at all

06/01/18 11:29 pm

Twice that amount is unacceptable. Tax payers should not have subsidize a company's employees because of their corporate greed. Especially when the CEO's are making a fortune off the backs of their work force. Minimum wage is suppose to be reactionary to inflation but that just hasn't happened. $15/hr still isn't enough to live on independently from public assistance but it's a move in the right direction.

Constitutionist Southern Illinois
06/04/18 12:50 pm

We dont need a minimum wage. If the worker and employer agree to a low salary, should they not allow that to be the worker's wage?

bower8899 ...
06/01/18 6:14 pm

No. It needs to be a living wage

SupremeDolphin They.them
06/01/18 1:49 pm

I don't have a good answer for you. I don't support reformist methods like this to fix capitalism. Such things are only possible in the imperialist countries because they have the wealth needed for a social safety net, due to stealing it from the rest of the world. Americans on the minimum wage don't have it easy, but they don't have it so hard, either. They're still in the top like 5% globally.

06/01/18 1:21 pm

There should be NO MW at all

06/01/18 9:35 pm

How much money an hour do you make ?

06/02/18 5:02 am

I am a business owner. I only make money if my company makes a profit. I have always made more money from outside projects then from my primary “job”. When I was a practicing hospital administrator I earned around $25/hour salary (no overtime) plus bonuses. As a nursing home administrator dhhs maxed out at about $82k/year. I can make more in a month flipping a house. As a consultant I can bid projects out at almost any cost. I have also rescued nursing homes from bankruptcy (called receivership) and worked like a dog for $5.15/hour.

06/02/18 5:03 am

Don’t just rely on your “job” for income. Invest, get a second job, be innovative, be fearless.

06/02/18 5:05 am

MW laws kill jobs, raise prices artificially, and when everyone makes the same - no one is happy.

Robert97206 Portland Oregon
06/01/18 1:06 pm

No. No minimum wage is acceptable.

06/01/18 1:09 pm

How did you reach this conclusion?

Robert97206 Portland Oregon
06/01/18 1:36 pm

You should only be earning for the work you do.

06/01/18 1:38 pm

Do you think that the employer is the best decider of the work’s value?

PhxLibertarian Phoenix
06/01/18 1:43 pm

No not the employer but the free market. Employers will willingly pay whatever it takes to hire qualified labor that can produce a profit.

With all companies doing this in a competitive space wages will seek equlibreium. It is the inverse of what happens with pricing in a capatilistic society and it works beautifully.

06/01/18 1:51 pm

Do you think that the standard of living is relevant to this argument?

PhxLibertarian Phoenix
06/01/18 1:59 pm

No I dont. Your standard of living is dependant on what you contribute to society. The only exception should be those so disabled that they can't contribute.

06/01/18 2:19 pm

Do you think that this should apply to generally unskilled labor as well?

PhxLibertarian Phoenix
06/01/18 2:53 pm

It applies to everyone.

Robert97206 Portland Oregon
06/01/18 3:14 pm

Agreed except for that bit about disabled.
Even the disabled like myself should be contributing.

PhxLibertarian Phoenix
06/01/18 3:30 pm

There are different levels of disabled. I have a friend with an autistic child that is 10 years old and non verble. I also have a friend with a child who has muscular dystrophy. Neither of these children will ever be able to support themselves.

Robert97206 Portland Oregon
06/01/18 3:32 pm

Support themselves may very but help society is different.

PhxLibertarian Phoenix
06/01/18 3:37 pm

Agreed but the question was about establishing a minimum for survival. I don't think either will reach that without assistance.

Robert97206 Portland Oregon
06/01/18 3:38 pm

Oh okay, ya.

We are in agreement. 😀

06/01/18 5:56 pm

Everyone above the minimum wages pay is based off of the free market except those on minimum wage. Theirs is government regulated. If the minimum wage is increased only those wages up to the new minimum wage are affected. Those above stay the same, but the cost of living goes up artificially because the lower skilled jobs got an artificial raise. Now the higher skilled jobs need a raise to get their standard of living where it was. Now we’re right back where we started demanding a higher minimum wage. Free market is the answer. No minimum wage.

06/02/18 10:22 am

We need to stop talking about minimum wage and focus on the real issue the political party's want us to polarize it's not gonna solve anything.

06/01/18 12:49 pm

The real question should be how do we get employers to pay employees more without the government.

06/01/18 1:01 pm

Do you think that there is any viable system for doing that?

06/01/18 1:04 pm

Look at Henry Ford paying your workers more can increase profits. It needs to be instilled in education.

06/01/18 1:06 pm

Do you think that in the globalized economy that it still applies?

06/01/18 1:22 pm

Get the government out of business. Then there will be more $ to pay employees

06/01/18 1:24 pm

The ford argument is debunked. The real magic in fords raises were that “relative” to other automotive workers ford employees were paid more. When all are paid the MW, there is no “relative” advantage to the workers.

06/01/18 1:42 pm

I'm not arguing for the minimum wage I'm against it.

06/01/18 1:44 pm

The ford argument if anything proves the minimum wage is useless.

KellyDimples Ultra MAGA deplorable
06/02/18 6:15 am

Tax cuts. We've seen it in the past six months.