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RWM01 May 31st, 2018 7:27pm

In general, who’s MORE civil when dealing with the opposite party?

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06/01/18 9:12 am

Liberals on twitter are outrage mob assholes for the most part.

StanMan26 Minnesota
06/01/18 4:47 am

Democrats always bend over backwards for "bipartisanship". It's how we ended up with the ACA, which was originally a right wing plan.

Kyle5 TN
05/31/18 11:00 pm

It’s hard to say for sure.

zimmy Florida
05/31/18 3:33 pm

Both are just as bad, for anyone who says otherwise is not being honest!

Mountaineer82 Pacific Northwest
05/31/18 1:58 pm

It just depends there’s idiots on all sides

Axl752 Ontario
05/31/18 1:44 pm

Of course democrats by far.