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mudkip17 May 31st, 2018 12:48pm

I see a lot of conservatives post on fb about how they are angry that the pledge of allegiance was taken out of the classroom. Thought I'd see how prevelent this was. Do you believe that schools no longer recite the pledge of allegiance?

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bower8899 ...
05/31/18 1:17 pm

I did it every morning just last year.

Side note: my US history teacher was the head of the schools union. He was sent to Bosie when the state legislature wanted to make Idaho students recite the pledge before EVERY CLASS.

paranoidandroid peace love science
05/31/18 11:45 am

When I was in public school we recited it daily. When I was in private we never recited it. It honestly doesn’t make much of a difference to me. I don’t think it’s indicative of your love for the country. Especially at that age.

05/31/18 10:01 am

Schools should do it every day

RussianThunder Russia and USA
05/31/18 9:20 am

My American school district didn’t do it at all, for any grade.

commonsense America isnt racist
05/31/18 6:58 am

Our elementary school does it every morning. Southern California.

05/31/18 6:37 am

Every school I’ve been in in the last 37 years has said the pledge in the morning. They don’t all play the star spangled banner but the pledge is there.

lolpolitics Pyongyang
05/31/18 6:32 am

thats bs. im in high school and we do the pledge of allegiance every day

mommamia illinois
05/31/18 6:28 am

I’m a high school teacher. We recite the pledge every day at the start of school. All students are required to stand and be quiet. They are not required to recite if they choose not to. BTW, we also have a moment of silence before the pledge. I usually say a quick prayer to myself. Students are not expected to do anything but be quiet. However, it also provides an opportunity for those who would like to do more.

TrueAmerican7 I Am Galt.
05/31/18 6:24 am

If memory serves it stopped in middle school for me.

Domino3 Abolish the ATF
05/31/18 6:06 am

I️t definitely goes on, I️ don’t think most kids care about I️t. Mine all sit through it.

badattitude no place like home
05/31/18 6:09 am

Why would you allow your kids to sit through it?

SuperAgain They lie, Get Over It
05/31/18 6:13 am

At least they don’t kneel through it. 🇺🇸😉

mudkip17 United States of Texas
05/31/18 6:17 am

I don't care if they sit through it, as long as they don't talk or sit there on their cell phones and good off

mudkip17 United States of Texas
05/31/18 6:18 am

Having said that, no one really does. I've had 1 student sit once, but a lot will stand in silence

mudkip17 United States of Texas
05/31/18 6:24 am

Is what required? The pledge? We do it with the whole school over the announcements

badattitude no place like home
05/31/18 6:25 am

Oh okay. Is that your whole state? What do other states do?

mudkip17 United States of Texas
05/31/18 6:27 am

Honestly don't know what other states do

badattitude no place like home
05/31/18 7:15 am

Oh. Okay. What state do you teach in again?

badattitude no place like home
05/31/18 7:16 am

I’ll ask my granddaughters what they do in Nevada.

Domino3 Abolish the ATF
05/31/18 9:50 am

I’m in Texas. They do it over the announcements.

Why would I️ make them stand? What’s the purpose in making them?

AdamStephens West Virginia
05/31/18 6:05 am

My son got in trouble in his kindergarten class yesterday for not reciting it.

AdamStephens West Virginia
05/31/18 6:09 am

Hah! Holy shit!

badattitude no place like home
05/31/18 6:23 am

Even Obama was more of a patriot than you.

badattitude no place like home
05/31/18 6:24 am

And your children

AdamStephens West Virginia
05/31/18 6:24 am

Don't inspire me to take issue with it.

Robert97206 Portland Oregon
05/31/18 5:50 am

I support the remove of the pledge of allegiance.

Nothing worse then havimg your child resite a verbal contract to a goverment.

05/31/18 5:53 am

Maybe they do resite.

Do they go elsewhere and repeat it?

Robert97206 Portland Oregon
05/31/18 8:16 am

Possibly- i doubt it.

But the Pledge of Allegiance is literally propaganda.