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KellyDimples May 30th, 2018 11:54pm

If you bought a $500 Dyson vacuum that stopped working after 3 uses, so they tell you to send it to them and they'll send you a new one, but they instead send you 2 new ones, what would you do? Asking because this JUST happened to me.

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05/31/18 5:44 am

I had that happen with a pair of vlado light up 200.00 shoes the lights stopped working they sent two pairs. I sent it back n got them back from company again this went on two more times n I called they told me just to keep them as a courtesy. I would call n explain what happened.

05/31/18 4:17 am


theNobamist Silicon Valley
05/31/18 1:15 am

$500 vacuum???
Sucked all the money out of your pocket😳
Is it really that good? (When it works)

KellyDimples NJ
05/31/18 1:19 am

Yes, Dyson vacuums are amazing. My daughter used it tonight to vacuum her room, and said "I want to vacuum the world!"

lcamino Florida and Georgia
05/30/18 11:45 pm

I’d give them a call to let them know.

KellyDimples NJ
05/30/18 7:57 pm

Funny how the 'keep it' votes are in the lead, but most of the comments say to send it back.

commonman1 Peace
05/30/18 7:41 pm

Send it back. They were good to you. You need to reciprocate.

shygal47 Florida east coast
05/30/18 6:41 pm

Similar with a chain saw - I sent the duplicate shipment back with a note to tell them they had over-shipped.

05/30/18 6:01 pm

Had a similar issue with Patagonia. Called them and they said to keep it for our trouble. Good companies stand by their brand........that and restocking and sending back - at their expense - outweighs potentially bad PR.

KellyDimples NJ
05/30/18 6:03 pm

Maybe it was a bribe for not writing a bad review for the one that failed after 3 uses.

05/30/18 6:06 pm

I’m going

KellyDimples NJ
05/30/18 6:11 pm

Yeah, it was a stretch.

bluerum29 optimistic idealist
05/30/18 6:00 pm

Yay one extra to sell

katerina13 stuck in the middle
05/30/18 6:40 pm

lol, how’d I know this would be your answer?

bluerum29 optimistic idealist
05/30/18 7:09 pm

Because it's a good opportunity.

05/30/18 5:41 pm

Call them and ask them if they want it back. They may just tell you to keep it :-)

KellyDimples NJ
05/30/18 6:02 pm

All along I thought they were just sending me duplicate emails. They activated the warranty on 2 separate serial numbers 10 minutes apart, and sent 2 UPS tracking numbers about an hour apart. I didn't bother to look closely at the numbers.

xxxceo Nationalist
05/30/18 5:15 pm

Keep it and call to see if it was intentional or not. If you need to return it, they should pay for shipping.

CoffeeNow Powderpuff Leftist
05/30/18 5:04 pm

I’m glad your vacuum sucks

KellyDimples NJ
05/30/18 5:09 pm

Now it does.

katerina13 stuck in the middle
05/30/18 5:12 pm

Hope this one sucks more than 3 times!

CoffeeNow Powderpuff Leftist
05/30/18 5:13 pm

Why did it stop sucking? Did you marry it?

KellyDimples NJ
05/30/18 5:17 pm

Lol. I don't know, the battery lights indicated it was fully charged, but there was no power.

ProudAmerican44 New Joisey
05/30/18 5:29 pm

Lol..this thread 🤣🤣🤣

ptellini GET OVER HERE
05/30/18 4:55 pm

I would call them to let them know.