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tdaddy May 30th, 2018 5:40pm

When a tv network cancels a series it is wrong for your cable system to remove shows from that series you saved but hadn’t watched yet?

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Zod Above Pugetropolis
05/30/18 2:11 pm

I deliberately set every show I record to never be deleted unless I delete it, which *should* be the default, but...Comcast. I do not expect any of the shows that have already been recorded to be deleted, ever, unless I delete them. I don’t expect shows that are advertised to be available until a certain date to be deleted before that date either, but...Comcast. A few of the many excellent arguments for local storage and against using the "cloud". For anything.

Axl752 NY
05/30/18 11:33 am

Just curious about this but maybe you know. Had the first season of the reboot finished airing yet? Or was it mid season?

tdaddy Kentucky
05/30/18 11:41 am

It had just finished.

tdaddy Kentucky
05/30/18 10:51 am

This poll is inspired by the fact that yesterday a network canceled a popular TV series. I decided to watch three episodes I hadn’t watched yet. I could not believe it when I started to watch them last night only to, in disbelief, note that the episodes I recorded were gone!!!

tdaddy Kentucky
05/30/18 10:58 am

I was on the verge of going ballistic on DirecTV when I discovered, just in time, that I had not yet checked “series options” for that series. As soon as I checked my delete options I saw I could change my option to “only delete when I delete it.” Problem solved.

tdaddy Kentucky
05/30/18 11:03 am

Nonetheless I still think it was wrong for the shows to appear as deleted (even though they really weren’t).

Laserbeam Back soon
05/30/18 3:22 pm

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