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jlong105 May 30th, 2018 3:40pm

Kids put online younger and more constantly. School shootings increase

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ctskapski x
05/30/18 9:21 am

I doubt there is a relation.
If anything I'm more concerned about sexual-social development being effected by this.

jlong105 Indiana
05/30/18 9:40 am

We see eye to eye on that concern.

My view of this was that the kid being bullied could always get away from the bullying. With social media being the new thing these poor kids do not get away from it even in their own bedrooms.

ctskapski x
05/30/18 9:51 am

It is a lot easier to get away from online bullies than it is from bullies in real life.

jlong105 Indiana
05/30/18 9:56 am

The ones that are purely online. But the real life bullies that follow you on line are the ones I’m talking about.

ctskapski x
05/30/18 10:15 am

Possibly, but that's a real-life bullying issue, not an online one.

You can stop online bullying from an individual. Ignore them, block them, whatever.