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Mooshie May 30th, 2018 2:51pm

Would you consider pets as “slaves”

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05/31/18 6:07 am

Surely, you feed and treat your pets well, but generically the definition of “slave” is owning a living being legally, you can deny all you want because you feel that providing care and love wouldn’t be considered “slavery”, going by feelings and the love for pets, surely it isn’t considered slavery.

05/30/18 11:24 am

Pets have no laws protecting their right to life. As long as their is no purposeful attack on them you can repeatedly neglect pets and still buy another one. You are also owning a living being.

05/30/18 2:38 pm

I don’t own my pets. They own me. 😊

05/30/18 2:41 pm

I adopted them. Considering I get up whenever they need something I think I’m their slave, they aren’t my slaves.

05/30/18 2:42 pm

Then don't. They can't leave your house without you.

05/30/18 2:44 pm

I don’t treat my pets like that. Whatever they need, they get. That’s the difference. They are honored, in my house. They are sentient beings and they are treated that way.

05/30/18 2:46 pm

You legally own a living being. That is the definition of slavery. You can argue that you are good for them if you want to. Also you would refuse to let them runaway.

05/30/18 2:52 pm

They don’t want to run away. That’s the difference. They are my first priority. They go out when they want to, they come in when they want to. They are fed, and treated medically, these are not withheld for punishment. You can continue to argue but I will never agree with you, about mine. It’s no different than having a toddler, who can’t leave the house without a parents permission.

05/30/18 2:54 pm

Certain slaves before the south lost the right to own slaves were treated well. They were still slaves and some did not want to leave.

05/30/18 3:05 pm

I’m not going to debate with you.

05/30/18 3:07 pm

Then why did you respond. Also all I did was express my opinion.