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Jack55 May 30th, 2018 1:06pm

Is there a politician or public figure that shares your general political ideology that you just can’t stand? Could be personal reasons or even political.

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John1 Florida
05/30/18 4:32 pm

Pretty much any Republican that is a career politician. They pretend to be fiscally responsible and small government idealists, but they are liars. They are consumed with the allure of power. They do not have the American people's best interest at heart; only their own.

05/30/18 8:29 am

Not 100%, but an example for me is Ted Cruz. I probably agree with him more than I disagree (he’s a conservative and I’m a libertarian), but I find his approach caustic and off putting.

Jack55 Texas
05/30/18 11:06 am

Interesting you say that. He’s my senator, and I gotta say he makes everything look disgusting. I really like him and I feel that he’s a genuine guy, but he doesn’t have a good public image. Still glad he represents me, and he kills people in debates (like Bernie).

05/30/18 2:03 pm

I agree with you.

Jack55 Texas
05/30/18 6:08 am

For me it would be people like Charlie Kirk, Jeb Bush, George Bush, and Jeff Flake.