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Izzynius May 30th, 2018 4:05am

Dating and relationships poll: What are the qualities in a significant other that you look for?

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ronderman North Carolina
06/05/18 4:24 pm

Beauty, kindness, God fearing, Christ following, ambition, intelligence

05/31/18 8:57 am

Not a feminist bitch (probably none out there who aren't anymore), looks, has a job and car etc, doesn't smoke, and better be down to fuck. I know im probably asking too much, but thats why im happily single and dont want to give up my freedom for a relationship, it would be a downgrade tbh.

lcamino Florida and Georgia
05/30/18 8:20 pm

Loyalty, respectfulness, kindness, intelligent, sense of humor, patience

05/30/18 3:17 pm

Personality, loyalty, intelligence

PamGH SW Washington
05/30/18 12:57 pm

I’m old and been married over 40 years. But here is what I can’t stand in men. It’s that false bravado thing. Where they’ve done it all and know it all. Also hate any signs of being over controlling.

PhxLibertarian Phoenix
05/30/18 12:11 pm

Smart, open, likes kids, goal oriented, and able to put up with my shit (This is the hard to find quality).

TheMadScientist the mad laboratory
05/30/18 9:45 am

Relationships aren’t awesome if they are about nouns. I don’t want a person. I want a verb - to play, to watch, to be.

HappyLez No Worries... Be Happy
05/30/18 8:36 am

Honesty, Kindness, Able to laugh at themselves & employed

GlockMan1 Alabama
05/30/18 8:17 am

She needs to be compatible both in politics and religion.

05/30/18 7:30 am

Happy person
Healthy (takes care of self)
Fun loving
Easy going

CMChristian gone
05/30/18 7:18 am

Good taste in music, intelligence, good morals etc.

CMChristian gone
05/30/18 7:22 am

Also a singer. We can sing our way to a relationship just like my grandparents had danced their way to marriage.

bluerum29 optimistic idealist
05/30/18 6:48 am

Smoking hot bod, just kidding, reasonably attractive or cute will work.

goalie31 OrthodoxCatholicChristian
05/30/18 6:15 am

Required: Physical Attraction, Catholic (with strong faith), sense of humor, wants kids, good person

Preferred: Intelligent, into sports, likes guns

No-goes: Liberal, facial piercings, obese

05/30/18 5:54 am

Shared values, life goals, and a complementary personality type. If you have those things in common, you have the best foundation for a successful relationship.

I think you should also feel an attraction for each other, but I found that while I was very attracted to my wife when I married her (and I still am), my love for her has grown even though we are getting older and aren’t as attractive as we once were.

beccaann 39.9612 N, 82.9988 W
05/30/18 5:35 am

Sense of humor. Intelligent. Kind. Empathetic. Can keep up with my sarcasm (and preferably give it right back to me!). Loving. Honest.

dawl adulting
05/30/18 2:23 am

Good sense of humor, likes to do the same kind of things.

FacePalm That Trick Never Works
05/30/18 1:51 am

kindness, sense of humor, a bad boy glint in his eye, confidence, dependability, willing to talk and listen.

gluxford1 Arizona
05/29/18 11:24 pm

Physical attractiveness, a good moral compass, a strong work ethic, maturity, open-mindedness, willingness to commit.

CudOfCow Oregon
05/29/18 10:45 pm

I dont know, but whatever those qualities are, my wife embodies all of them. I love this woman.

05/29/18 10:11 pm

Someone who understands the difference between flirting and friendly

bower8899 ...
05/29/18 10:09 pm

Just someone who can make me happy

CoffeeNow Powderpuff Leftist
05/30/18 4:54 pm

Only you can do that

Sentinel Ya ie wa noh
05/29/18 9:48 pm

She Walks In Starlight

She walks in starlight of another world
In a realm forbidden to me
Except for borrowed time, when,
Unknown to all, she is with me

Between night and the hues of dawn
When the world is gifted sleep
Where the sky carpets the earth
That is where she awaits me

She bears with her the sorrow
Of separations from unknown
She kindles warm promises
Of tomorrows to behold

She is all colours of the rainbow
She is pristine driven snow
She is gentle soft rain
To my parched yearning of yore

And when the storm ravages
I rush to the cliffs o’er the sea
Where the rolling mists surround
She beckons only to me

Across time, through ages
Her dancing eyes sing to mine
Of hope, peace, quiet - until I awaken -
Grasping at wisps of memories.....L.A.C. 5/21/2017.....143-41.....

anniepoops fear the deer
05/29/18 9:28 pm

Open minded
Not a dick
Able to compromise
Good listener

Praetorianus Fair enough.
05/29/18 9:14 pm

My most important issue is non aggression. Sweet, calm, even tempered, lovely, whatever you call it.
I had a few mostly short stormy relationships, and am tired of it.
Not sure why short tempered and sometimes clingy (the combo is awful) people are attracted to me. I am not your shrink.

05/29/18 9:11 pm

The main ones for me:

Emotionally stable

snagglepuss Story Time
05/29/18 9:10 pm

Compassion, a good listener, honest, loyal and a great kisser

PrincessMelody Libertarian Socialist
05/29/18 9:09 pm

Kindness, acceptance, humor. I want a beautiful soul more than a beautiful face, luckily I have both.

Donaldo lets go brenden
05/29/18 9:07 pm

Wish I knew. Seems the ones I’m into the most are the ones I never thought I would be.