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phalnx May 30th, 2018 2:11am

Have you ever bought a videogame on Steam?

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AdamStephens West Virginia
05/30/18 4:27 am

One of the pajama Sam games for my son

05/29/18 9:19 pm

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HtheC South Florida
05/29/18 8:17 pm

85 but whose counting.

phalnx Ohio
05/29/18 7:46 pm

The first one I remember specifically buying on Steam is Hearts of Iron: The Darkest Hour, a WWI mod of HOA II that could only officially be bought there at the time. However, I had a Steam account much earlier than that...Half Life required activation on Steam before I could play it. Same thing with Left 4 Dead 2, even though I bought physical copies of both games.

I've never had any problem with Steam, though I've read about people who've had compatibility or DRM issues.

05/29/18 7:13 pm

A lot

phalnx Ohio
05/29/18 10:06 pm

Meh. Fortnite's better ;).

05/29/18 10:08 pm

Spam space bar and shoot shotgun for 20 minutes simulator 2018