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Praetorianus May 30th, 2018 1:23am

If you recall at least some of your dreams (what you dream while asleep) and disregard those that are neutral, have little meaning or are just boring, are most of yours rather...

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Xemanis Lawful Good
05/30/18 11:51 am

Pleasant because it's an adventure. I wouldn't want to live in almost any of my dreams.

JoystickGolfer Florida
05/30/18 6:29 am

My dreams are just super weird and make no sense at all!

JoystickGolfer Florida
05/30/18 6:30 am

Usually, they’re neither bad nor good.

RyanUnited Be the Change
05/29/18 10:22 pm

Pleasant when dreaming, unpleasant when I wake up

bower8899 ...
05/29/18 10:08 pm

Confusing and unsettling

MachoMatt84 Climbing Mountains
05/29/18 9:14 pm

Haven't had a nightmare in over 20 years

evoecon nearest binary system
05/29/18 8:26 pm

I had just sold my company and retired. Then, I got an offer from some friends to start up a new division within a company. I dream about the probability of failure. What is the deal?

evoecon nearest binary system
05/29/18 8:27 pm

I took that offer, by the way. Hence the dreams.

Praetorianus Fair enough.
05/29/18 9:01 pm

I would have stayed retired if financially secure.

evoecon nearest binary system
05/29/18 9:07 pm

A point my wife made as we are moving from Spokane area to Salt Lake City.

Just could not pass on creating an organization which could last a hundred years or more. Truly a passion beyond a financial incentive.

Praetorianus Fair enough.
05/29/18 10:08 pm

This confirms my thoughts about wealth and retirement :

- if you become wealthy through your efforts, you won't retire ever

- if you plan to get wealthy to retire early, you don't have what it takes to acquire wealth in the first place

- if you acquire wealth through a windfall (inheritance, lottery jackpot) but aren't used to it, you'll squander it. I think quite a few lottery millionaires wound up in debt.

So... I don't expect you to retire.
What got you where you are now keeps driving you.

lcamino Florida and Georgia
05/29/18 8:20 pm

Pleasant dreams. I like to dream about loved ones who are no longer with me. It’s like seeing them again.

Praetorianus Fair enough.
05/29/18 9:02 pm

I'd find that spooky.

lcamino Florida and Georgia
05/29/18 9:13 pm

There’re usually just like norm life, nothing spooky. Not any more spooky than memories with loved ones.

shygal47 Florida east coast
05/29/18 7:23 pm

When I was a kid I had a recurring dream of being in a swamp with alligators and my Dad rescuing me. I have no idea what that means to Dream-People, but it scared the crap out of me.

Praetorianus Fair enough.
05/29/18 9:03 pm

It's probably what it looks like: that you were a child, insecure and relying on Dad to protect you.

ctskapski x
05/29/18 7:21 pm

It can go either way.

I rarely remember my dreams, but I know I've had one where I'm fucking babadook collender, and one where my mom is shooting me in the face.

So it goes either way.

phalnx Ohio
05/29/18 6:57 pm

I can't remember the last time I had a bad dream. What few I remember are usually very nice, and more often than not I have Telekinesis, and sometimes even the ability to fly.

Jack55 Texas
05/29/18 6:48 pm

Unpleasant and also awkward situations that either:
( 1 ) make me feel extremely uncomfortable in a social situation
( 2 ) I die a horribly painful death to some extreme extraterrestrial life form or
( 3 ) I go on an epic adventure & I save all of humanity.
Pretty wild dreams & unfortunately I never remember them:/

Praetorianus Fair enough.
05/29/18 6:26 pm

Occasionally very delightful (some involve space travel or meeting with a celebrity crush) but most rather tedious, like taking an exam unprepared or having my hair fall out while combing.