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ScenarioNations May 29th, 2018 10:59pm

2121: The Swiss Basketball Association has been set up in Switzerland while gamed are played on TV and Internet stations worldwide. The league has similar rules to the NBA (check comments). Would you support this league?

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ScenarioNations California
05/29/18 4:00 pm

16 teams with a northern and southern conference so 8 teams in each, 42 regular season games, top 4 teams in each conference advance to the playoffs and the series are best of 5.

Rules similar to the NBA of America but the stupid clear path fouls are punished harder to make the game have more exciting transition plays (AKA more highlights babyyyyy)

Teams are privately owned by citizens who wish to buy a franchise, but the government can help pay for a stadium if it receives 5% of ticket sales from said stadium.

Goals of this league
A: help create jobs within Switzerland as teams hire staff and players
B: entertainment for citizens
C:kick ass basketball
D: help foster a sense of pride for people living in the cities

ScenarioNations California
05/29/18 4:00 pm

Northern Conference

Basel Bashers
Zurich Zombies
Olten Ogres
Winterthur Warriors
Zug Chugs
Neuchätfel Gnats
Saignelégrier Scumbags
Bern Baboons

Southern Conference

Lugano Ladybugs
Ascona Anvils
Martingy Mashers
Poschiavo Poachers
Verbier Vikings
Zermmat Zergrush
Brig bandicoots
St Moritz Monsters