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keyannawinston May 29th, 2018 6:42pm

In the hair care industry professional product diversion has been an issue for years. I've been asked to give a presentation on the subject I know well but to do so avoiding the elephant in the room,online direct sales, manufacturer to customer I'll

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TheMadScientist the mad laboratory
05/29/18 5:49 pm

You are a difficult but honest person. It sounds like you’re in a difficult but honest situation and feel like you need to go against your nature. That’s no good for you and you see it coming.

What I hear you saying: you are the only official source of Ultra. Some stores have an unofficial source of Ultra. The official version costs more or can push less volume or whatever - it’s not “discount.” What are you selling?

1) an official, reliable source of product
2) manufacture support
3) customer convenience - they can help customers whatever your product does with their employees expertise
4) I assume unofficial products are rejected from quality assurance for some reason. That reason.
5) recall notices are rare, but maybe official licensees have them actively shared...this might be too far?
6) maybe your boss has some other service the business can provide
7) maybe you have some sweet pens or other swag...?
8) ????
9) PROFIT!!!

Zod Above Pugetropolis
05/29/18 1:39 pm

I’m actually so overwhelmingly in favor of direct sales and cutting out the middleman, in everything, I'd probably be as honest as possible and let the chips fall wherever.

cpaswr just say the letters
05/29/18 12:05 pm

Do you mean like going to Ulta to buy the same things that the salon sells? If so, I’m guilty since I can get it at a better price than the salon.

cpaswr just say the letters
05/29/18 12:46 pm

Now I see what you mean. That is a shady practice. Are the manufacturers able to find out how Wal-Mart and others acquired their products if they don’t have a resale contract?

commonman1 Peace
05/29/18 12:48 pm

I’m sure if you are as colorful as you’re on this app you will have them rolling on the floor. 👍

05/29/18 5:26 pm

Sounds like dancing on hot coals, although I do have the distinct impression that you can pull it off.

05/29/18 6:11 pm

When do you present this to them?

05/29/18 6:52 pm

Yup, some days you’re on top of the world and other days you’re ducking for cover. 😳

katerina13 stuck in the middle
05/29/18 11:58 am

Key, I can’t see what’s after ‘manufacturer to customer, I’ll ...’ in your question. 🧐

05/29/18 12:18 pm

Katerina, that’s the entire question. The answer choices are “what’s after” that:

Be alright or ?

They complete the question in the poll. “I’ll be alright” or “I’ll be deceptive.”