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lolpolitics May 29th, 2018 2:16pm

how do you think the nazis could've won wwii?

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Dedmon California
05/29/18 5:51 pm

If there were a way to keep Britain out of the war, it might have been possible. Once they had gotten involved, it probably became inevitable on some level, even though Pearl Harbor didn't happen until 1941. Also, it would have had to either not allied itself with Japan or keep Japan from attacking Pearl Harbor. As allies, declaring war on one meant declaring it on the other.

05/29/18 1:07 pm

Wow. Spellcheck. Lol

Not invade Russia

Odysseus We All Need A Fantasy
05/29/18 11:08 am

If they had actually included the USSR as part of the Axis, I think they would had won outright. GB would have been blockaded and would have eventually fallen but I doubt if North America would have been invaded. Pearl Harbor would never have happened. The Japanese and Russians would have divided Asia and Australia. The Nazis and Russians would have divided Europe and the Middle East. Italy would have control over North Africa.

Radon Parts Unknown
05/29/18 10:53 am

Never invade Belgium, as well as Russia. Should have bombed Palestine and sent the Jews there to live.

lolpolitics Pyongyang
05/29/18 7:17 am

leaving the soviets alone. or at the very least invading them last.