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MrsCrayonWax May 29th, 2018 2:08am

Savita Halappanavar is the basis for the repeal of strict abortion law in Ireland, commonly known as the eighth amendment. Please see my previous polls for comments and also see the attached link on why the law was repealed.

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cowboy Dog Father
05/30/18 8:59 am

It was repealed because of moral corruption. A vote doesn’t change how evil murdering an innocent child is.

ladyniner81 I hate people
05/30/18 7:54 am

This is one big reason why abortion should not be banned. Idiots who put religion and morals before sensibility

MachoMatt84 Climbing Mountains
05/28/18 8:49 pm

I'm very pro life, but definitely one of the two instances I would compromise with is in the case of rape (should be done early) or if the mothers life is in danger, as in this case. Otherwise, no abortions.

snagglepuss Story Time
05/28/18 7:23 pm

What a tragedy. She suffered for days because of religion. That is why freedom of choice matters.

05/28/18 7:44 pm

Absolutely unacceptable.