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4JC Christian Pastors Wife
05/29/18 12:25 am

Our daughter tried one of them, and I cooked for her and myself using it one night. It was DELICIOUS, and something I wouldn’t have done otherwise. But it’s WAY too expensive for us!


susanr Colorado
05/28/18 8:42 pm

I see no point to it, for me anyway. I have cookbooks and other access to recipes; I know how to buy and prep ingredients; I have a good selection of spices, herbs, condiments & staples; I’m not lacking for time. Why pay for anyone else to do any of that for me, and then have a limited range of options?


TopsQueen Oregon Coast
05/28/18 8:20 pm

It would be very unlikely. I like to cook from scratch. And I have a lot of food allergies.

shygal47 Florida east coast
05/28/18 8:20 pm

I need to look and select my own food.

lightsabr2 The Big Sky
05/28/18 7:30 pm

As someone who really enjoys recipe development and delving into culinary science, I’d never go on autopilot. Seems one step removed from MRE’s.

katerina13 stuck in the middle
05/28/18 7:20 pm

We tried all the big ones. Home Chef was our favorite.

05/28/18 7:06 pm

They are really over priced for the ingredients they contain. Seriously. With the advent of Google and the internet, it’s not that hard to Google a recipe and buy the ingredients. And a lot cheaper.

snagglepuss Story Time
05/28/18 7:03 pm

I like to pick out my own food. I don’t trust anyone to do it for me.

Mariland neon butterfly garden
05/28/18 7:13 pm

Agreed. 😏☺️

Mariland neon butterfly garden
05/28/18 6:57 pm

I don’t— seems out of my budget as well as out of my family’s food/ flavor preferences.

I see how it could work for singles, bachelors, or newlyweds though.