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FloridaPopulist May 29th, 2018 1:14am

In Italy the president who is supposed to remain a politically neutral figure head, has blocked a Euroskeptic cabinet, ending coalition talks between ‘populist’ forces The president intends to form his own unelected technocratic government

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JackQHu Durham, NC
05/29/18 8:31 pm

This won’t end well for the President either way

DoctorWasdarb Marxist Leninist Maoist
05/28/18 7:51 pm

The elected Eurosceptics seem more like faux populist demagogues to me.

pof over my moms knee
05/28/18 6:44 pm


Are you going to let this mulignan get away with this?

CMChristian gone
05/28/18 7:04 pm

Di Maio is planning another March on Rome it seems. He could have our support because Italy indeed is trapped in a political nightmare. The five star movement would need a bit of fascism mixed with their anti-establishment populist views. They hold the seats. They got power. We got the Italian muscle. Time to deliver Mr. Luigi Di Maio.

FloridaPopulist Nationalist Right
05/28/18 6:18 pm

Yet another example of western democracy under attack. A democratically elected government will be prevented from forming a government, and new elections will be held. The president blocked the appointment of economy minister for critical statements of the Euro. For the mean time the president intends to appoint his own technocratic government.
This move conveniently stops the coalition from affecting an important European Union policy vote in the coming months.
The president’s plan is only backed by the center left, Democratic Party which completely collapsed in the recent election not cracking 20% of the vote.