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rons May 29th, 2018 12:39am

Today I thanked the men and women who sacrificed their lives that allows me to walk in the cool grass and view my spring flowers. CNN is broadcasting the riots against the Vietnam War. Appropriate?

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shygal47 Florida east coast
05/28/18 8:24 pm

Since I have been blessed with a weather feature for the past several days, I opted to watch a series of WWII themed films - it was a drier activity.

lcamino Florida and Georgia
05/28/18 8:15 pm

It’s sad that they will not take one day of the year to honor people who have fought and died for our freedom. Shame on them.

OwenTheScout New England
05/28/18 6:45 pm

CNN always does things like this; you can’t trust them, especially when they are actively pushing gun control.
- Anonymous (conservative)

OwenTheScout New England
05/28/18 6:46 pm

This is absolutely unacceptable for the men and women that sacrificed their lives for our country

Zod Above Pugetropolis
05/28/18 6:40 pm

Heroes of a different kind. It was they who ultimately brought an unnecessary and unjust war to an end, saving countless lives and helping avoid even more dead heroes to honor on this day. We should have learned that lesson. Apparently not.

rons Thanks America
05/29/18 5:09 am

Memorial day is not protest day. They spite on the graves of the dead.

Think Lovin Life
05/29/18 6:16 am

While I agree that the Democrat, Mr John Kennedy, was inept when he mired us in Vietnam, and the Democrat, Mr Lyndon Johnson was a warmongering racist, and that one of the many great things that the Rep, Mr Richard Nixon, did was to secure our exit from Vietnam, the fact that the idiots at CNN chose Memorial Day for the protest shows their tone deafness and pandering to their own base who needed to be distracted from the ultimate sacrifices made by those who died for our freedoms.

imanag My heaven on Earth
05/28/18 6:12 pm

Sad. @rons I think you used your time much better. We thought about my father-in-law today, a Vietnam vet. My 12 year old asked us to have a moment of silence at 3:00 to observe Memorial Day. It’s a shame that CNN chose to use their platform that way, but some paid a price to provide them the freedom to choose that.

rons Thanks America
05/29/18 5:13 am

As a young boy, after WWII the names of the dead were memorialized for a while on a wall on my block in Brooklyn NY. I grew up with the war stories of my Uncles. Some were funny and some were sad. So I post their photos on facebook every year in memory.

05/28/18 6:09 pm

If broadcasted in conjunction with other stuff earlier today, I don't see a problem with it.

The Vietnam War saw a lot of young men forced to their deaths on a war based on a lie by the country that was supposed to protect them and give them freedom in the name of intellectual musings on geopolitics.

This tragedy deserves to be remembered.

zimmy Florida
05/28/18 5:58 pm

Yes, they are doing a series on the year 1968. So this poll is a bit out of context.

rons Thanks America
05/28/18 6:05 pm

For god sakes. It’s Memorial Day. Have some respect for the dead soldiers and don’t spit on their graves. CNN is dead to me.

zimmy Florida
05/28/18 6:17 pm

It is about the year 1968, I don’t see a problem with it, it’s called history.

paranoidandroid peace love science
05/28/18 9:25 pm

I had a feeling this poll was out of context. What makes the outrage ironic is that (as of now) 60% of Republicans in an SoH main poll thought that Tweety’s narcissistic tweet “honoring” our veterans was not at all inappropriate. If only he wasn’t disabled by those nasty bone spurs...

zimmy Florida
05/29/18 4:15 am

Paranoid- I was going to bring that up too! Definitely a double standard!

rons Thanks America
05/29/18 5:06 am

It’s just me and the way I feel as an American on Memorial day. Screw the republicans and the democrats. I remember seeing the names of the dead soldiers listed on a wall on the block where I lived in Brooklyn. To you CNN protest show is just a show. To me it’s terrible to see on memorial day. But how can you expect a liberal to understand an opposing view. Accepting an alternate view is akin to heresy to democrats.

Think Lovin Life
05/29/18 6:30 am

Ron ... I absolutely agree!

Think Lovin Life
05/29/18 6:30 am

Zim ... your tone deafness has intensified. Excusing this as an unfortunate collision between Memorial Day and something that the incredulous CNN was “already doing” is pathetic. It MrO would’ve been shot this past weekend, would CNN have simply continued their series on 1968 instead of covering his funeral because ... “well we are doing a series on 1968”?

You look ridiculously partisan!

zimmy Florida
05/29/18 6:39 am

Think- let’s try to stay on topic, and not deflect, we are talking about CNN and if they were appropriate in a show about the year 1968. I don’t see a problem with-it at all. Beside we are going to be politically correct anymore anyway

Think Lovin Life
05/29/18 6:55 am

Zim ... we are on topic. My example accentuates the point that you’re now running away from! If MrO had been killed would CNN have continued their coverage because ... “we’re doing a series on 1968” ... or would they have modified their plan to cover something more important?

Memorial Day is one of those more important things that CNN failed to cover. Do you get it now?

zimmy Florida
05/29/18 7:05 am

Think- I bet they did cover it, I cannot tell you because I did not watch yesterday, but I know this 1968 show they have been advertised forever, and it was about the entire year, not just the demonstrations against the war.

Think Lovin Life
05/29/18 7:12 am

Zim ... you’re still running from the question. It’s a simple question, one that is also very easy to answer.

Why are you running away?

ladyniner81 I hate people
05/30/18 7:50 am

I saw that was on. But of course I was bored by WWE. AGAIN.

1968 was a tumultuous year. Both Bobby Kennedy & MLK were assassinated, the civil rights movement was in full force, women's lib was starting, people were protesting the war. That was at night anyway,