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theNobamist Silicon Valley
05/31/18 1:35 am

Jersey Mike's is great!!
Will NEVER eat at Specialty's again.

FacePalm That Trick Never Works
05/30/18 2:14 am

Jimmy john’s is terrible

ladyniner81 I hate people
05/29/18 8:08 pm

Never been to Jersey Mike's. But my sister says Jimmy John's is nasty and is chintzy on their meat. Pita Pit is where it's at 😁

Oh, subs? Amiels. Their tuna subs are awesome

alkie New York
05/29/18 7:09 pm

Rather go to a deli and get a sandwich from there. Jersey mikes ain’t that great. I hate the bread they use and the service sucks too

wolfsong Full time animal lover
05/29/18 8:21 am

Never been to Jersey Mike's, but Jimmy Johns gave me food poisoning

Henry123 Connecticut
05/29/18 7:25 am

Never heard of either

jenkp223 Being a mommy
05/29/18 7:11 am

Never been to Jimmy John’s, but it can’t be much worse than Jersey Mike’s. They opened a location by my house and mailed coupons to local residents for free subs. Let’s just say I’m glad I didn’t pay for that piece of crap.

jenkp223 Being a mommy
05/29/18 7:13 am

Personally, I’d rather go to Baggin’s, which is a local sandwich shop chain.

sanj wild, wild west
05/29/18 5:17 am

Jersey Mike's is the worst sandwich shop on the planet. Silver Mine Subs is the best!

suppressedID anti Gilead
05/28/18 10:51 pm


BamaGirl ROLL TIDE from Arizona
05/28/18 10:41 pm

I have straight up never eaten from either of these chains.

presrvd Phoenix
05/28/18 10:15 pm

Jimmy Johns is pretty close to eating Subway, which is pretty close to eating dirt...

mstory918 Manhattan
05/28/18 7:27 pm

Never heard of either.

lightsabr2 The Big Sky
05/28/18 7:26 pm

Both are acceptable and better than that beta-tier Subway, but Mike’s is better than JJ’s imo.

RussianThunder Russia and USA
05/28/18 7:21 pm

I hate Jimmy Johns so I figured the other must be better. To be honest, I voted at the one I have never been to.

05/28/18 7:09 pm

Jersey Mike’s is like one of my favorite places in the world to eat!!!!!

Domino3 Abolish the ATF
05/28/18 7:06 pm

Never been to mikes. But JJ is trash

Mariland neon butterfly garden
05/28/18 7:00 pm

Jersey Mike’s
#13 Mike’s Way and #17 + lettuce, tomato, oil & vinegar is our standing order

05/28/18 6:56 pm

Firehouse Subs are awesome! But if I had to pick between the 2 mentioned I like Jimmy Johns. Their bread is wonderful.

Mariland neon butterfly garden
05/28/18 7:00 pm

Firehouse is awesome also. ☝🏽👍🏽

05/28/18 6:51 pm

Jimmy John’s is good, but Jersey Mike’s is way better!!!

Turkey and Ham club with Swiss, bacon and mayo, and of course, I always get it Mike’s way. Yum!!

LazySteelworker USA
05/28/18 6:45 pm

Jersey Mike's easy. The Big Kahuna is awesome.

farenorth swimmingly
05/28/18 6:29 pm

JM is fantastic. They cater to my gf's food allergies better than most other places. Do a bunch of charitable giving all year round. They just had one for several local elementary schools. I'm pretty happy to spend my money there

princess27 Trump Card
05/28/18 6:29 pm

Jersey Mike’s out of these, but I’m a Potbelly’s girl 😍

MannIsMe Did You Assume My Party
05/28/18 6:15 pm

Y'all ever been to Firehouse Subs?

They make a Hella good pastrami

moldypipes99 PURE BLOOD
05/28/18 7:53 pm

And their limeade is phenomenal. I drink like 100 ounces of that when I go there.

05/28/18 6:53 pm

Jersey Mike’s of course is from Jersey, and they are awesome! Jimmy John’s is also good. They are from Illinois.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
05/28/18 6:03 pm

I haven’t tried either, but I know where there is a Jersey Mike's, only about ten miles from here, so I picked that one.

05/28/18 7:07 pm

Jersey Mike’s is very good. One of my favorites for subs.

Axl752 NY
05/28/18 6:22 pm

Jersey Mike's destroys subway

lightsabr2 The Big Sky
05/28/18 7:27 pm

Subway is beta-tier, basement dwelling trash compared to either of those.

Krystina Let Freedom Reign
05/28/18 5:50 pm

Love Jersey Mike’s. Their food is always so fresh and yummy.

Liberty 4,032,064
05/28/18 5:48 pm

Jersey Mike’s. Jimmy Johns is barely edible.

rons Thanks America
05/28/18 5:47 pm

Both breads looked like cotton bread from the south. But I give the nod to Mike’s.

05/28/18 5:38 pm

Never heard of either

anniepoops fear the deer
05/28/18 5:37 pm

I’ve never had jersey mikes

05/28/18 7:08 pm

I always get the regular sub, which is more than enough for me, and it’s $8. I also get really good coupons for them.

brisket Illinois
05/28/18 5:37 pm

I like jersey mikes more.

tdaddy Kentucky
05/28/18 5:33 pm

Jersey Mike’s. Never ate there but even Subway is better than Jimmy John’s.