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mtdewbob May 28th, 2018 7:49pm

Man climbs up five story building to save baby.😳 See attached video

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LeThanos Norf
05/28/18 5:13 pm

He needs to be on ninja warrior with that body strength.

missmorganmarie ...
05/28/18 4:43 pm

why was the person already on the balcony just standing there?

MediaBlackout Life, Liberty, Property.
05/28/18 6:12 pm

It appears they’re divided by a wall. Probably doesn’t trust themselves to climb over

xxxceo Nationalist
05/28/18 1:04 pm

Bob, I know you’re interested in the upcoming IG report. Here’s some info for you to follow for when it comes out. This is one of at least two. This one is the Clinton email investigation. The next is the Trump spying/counterintelligence investigation - probably out in July. Enjoy.
On twitter:

(Links provided by Chaffetz)

mtdewbob Arizona
05/28/18 1:07 pm

Cool. Thanks i will check it out.

mtdewbob Arizona
05/28/18 12:55 pm

The 22-year-old Immigrant from Mali , ... French President rewards Immigrant who saved The toddler with citizenship and Firefighter Job.

lcamino Florida and Georgia
05/28/18 4:14 pm

It was very impressive. He didn’t hesitate at all.