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polster2 May 28th, 2018 7:07pm

Do you trust the Southern Poverty Law Center?

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05/29/18 1:25 pm

They had quite a good reputation and an important role “back in the day”. They have corrupted their goal and destroyed their reputation.

shygal47 Florida east coast
05/28/18 6:41 pm

I don't trust most organizations that claim to do only good. There is always a fly in the ointment somewhere.

05/28/18 3:29 pm

Bunch of anti American bigots.

Advil sc
05/28/18 5:10 pm

Your comment is nicer than what I would have said. Perhaps it would be nice if their momma and daddy would get married!

GlockMan1 Alabama
05/28/18 3:23 pm

They are all Lawyers so no.

05/28/18 8:24 pm

Same kind of lawyers trump needs and depends on .. lol. U fckn jack azz ....

05/28/18 8:25 pm

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05/28/18 8:26 pm

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05/28/18 8:28 pm

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political Georgia
05/28/18 2:19 pm

I might trust Obama more.

Malekithe Illegal Alien
05/28/18 1:52 pm


AdamStephens West Virginia
05/28/18 1:03 pm

The splc has always been a reliable resource for people tracking hate groups even tracking nation of Islam and the NBPP.

tractorman Oklahoma
05/28/18 12:49 pm

SPLC is a bastion of justice for those who can’t afford to buy their Justice. They keep checks on religious and racial hate groups and represent those wrongfully and unjustly charged with crimes. They are a quintessential American organization for the common man. If you don’t like them then you don’t understand what they do; educate yourself, please🧐

Think Lovin Life
05/28/18 12:59 pm

TractorBoy ... pure nonsense! The SPLC promotes hate and promulgates racism.

kscott516 Revelation 5 6
05/28/18 1:01 pm

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RightOfCenter TheCurrentThing
05/28/18 1:43 pm

Just because you disagree with some one doesn’t make them a hate group. SPLC tars people and groups who do not deserve it with a broad brush. ex. Hirsi Aly, Nawaz, Tony Perkins, Family Research Council.

rons Thanks America
05/28/18 1:46 pm

Extremely biased.

rons Thanks America
05/28/18 1:47 pm

A Soros funded group.

Think Lovin Life
05/28/18 2:58 pm

Geez ... I agree. By their own definition the SPLC should be on the list of hate groups. The fact that they don’t put themselves on the list is the only reason needed to ignore their opinions.

RightOfCenter TheCurrentThing
05/28/18 3:45 pm

Thanks for posting this.....πŸ‘†πŸ‘†πŸ‘†πŸ‘†πŸ‘†πŸ‘†

gluxford1 Arizona
05/28/18 12:36 pm

I trust them about as much as I trust gas station sushi & emails from a Nigerian prince.

rons Thanks America
05/28/18 1:48 pm

What? Sushi is bad at my Lukoil!

gluxford1 Arizona
05/28/18 1:55 pm


Think Lovin Life
05/28/18 12:14 pm

Of course not! Southern Poverty Law has shown themselves to be racists.

05/28/18 12:18 pm

Far left racists.

tractorman Oklahoma
05/28/18 12:50 pm

Says one our resident racists......

Think Lovin Life
05/28/18 5:30 pm

TractorBoy ... I had no idea that you agree with us. It’s good that you, the “resident racist”, agree with the rest of us on the fact that the SPLC is an extremely racist leftist organization!

tractorman Oklahoma
05/28/18 8:33 pm

πŸ˜‚ lol, how clever you think you areπŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺ A legend in your own mind🀩