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polster2 May 28th, 2018 3:17pm

Ellicott City, MD is recovering from the 2nd "1,000-year" flood event in under 2 years, as 6 in. of rain fell in just 2 hours. In July 2016, over 4 in. fell in 1 hour. If you were a resident or business owner there, would you rebuild or simply leave?

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missmorganmarie ...
05/28/18 4:54 pm

that flooding was insane. a lot of residents are saying it's due to the neighborhood built at the top of the hill. they cleared all the trees and stuff so nothing is there to catch the water.

a lot of business owners literally just reopened after fixing their stores from the flood 2 years ago

arctostaphylos Ankh Morpork, New York
05/28/18 12:52 pm

This is very much my field (for those one or two SoH users who ever wondered). Disasters are opportunities to catalyze change, and there are ways to rebuild/recover from disaster that increase social-ecological resilience. Most American communities do not do so. Ellicott City has a real opportunity here to identify specific threats and risks and implement community-scale adaptations and mitigations. If it looked like that was the likely path forward, I'd stick around, rebuild, and engage as thoroughly in the process as possible.

05/28/18 1:50 pm

That is what they were supposed to do after the last flood. Old Ellicott City is between several steep hills with a good sized river between the hills.

I’m waiting to see what they say went wrong. (I live nearby)

polster2 US
05/28/18 4:51 pm

The problem is that they decided to build a town in a hole. LOL

05/28/18 5:07 pm

You’re right. But it’s an old, historic and beautiful town. Big tourist attraction.

Texas1 did not proofread
05/28/18 9:04 am

I’d be outta there, not just because of the floods though.

05/28/18 8:27 am

If my name was Noah, I'd start building