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TopsQueen May 28th, 2018 3:04pm

It is get fit Monday, how are you doing?

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jmw7477 Indiana
05/29/18 4:33 am

I did okay until the weekend. Hubby had a three day weekend. I wasn’t feeling 100%. I didn’t do horrible with my eating. I just didn’t workout.

TreeHugs Oregon
05/28/18 8:33 pm

Lots of hiking/walking this weekend. Passed my weight loss goal, so just on the maintenance track. Good place to be.

shygal47 Florida east coast
05/28/18 7:23 pm

Is it still Monday? I mostly did nothing today due to the weather.

imanag My heaven on Earth
05/28/18 6:14 pm

I did a lot of walking this week. I also had a nice bike ride with my boys this afternoon.

05/28/18 1:51 pm

Lots of long walks.

05/28/18 11:07 am

Ran 6 miles this morning

4JC Christian Pastors Wife
05/28/18 9:07 am

We were doing well until the last week or two. It’s raining every day, and even flooding. No walking this week, except one day.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
05/28/18 12:09 pm

You’re doing the best you can. How was your overall health doing?

4JC Christian Pastors Wife
05/28/18 12:14 pm

I’m struggling with a lot of pain because of all this rain and the barometric pressure changes that come with that. I think my sciatic nerve is acting up again, as well, because my left hip is hurting more than usual, especially when walking. I’ve had problems with my sciatic nerve in that hip/leg since the late 80’s, when I was pregnant with my 3rd child. When I was in labor with him, the pain went all the way down that leg every time I had a contraction. Doc said he was sitting on my sciatic nerve.


TopsQueen Oregon Coast
05/28/18 1:33 pm

I had sciatica surgery. I couldn’t walk backwards.

4JC Christian Pastors Wife
05/28/18 1:50 pm

Ouch! I’ve never heard of anyone having to have surgery over it! I usually go to a chiropractor, which helps.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
05/28/18 2:11 pm

I had disk problems also. Had I not listened to God when He told me to grow up and told myself no I would’ve not lost the weight. Had I not lost the weight I could not of had back surgery. If I did not have the back surgery I probably would’ve been in a wheelchair. It’s very likely I would’ve been dead by now. If not totally wheelchair-bound.

mtdewbob Arizona
05/28/18 8:15 am

12oz. curls 😁

HtheC South Florida
05/28/18 8:10 am

Getting back to my gym routine this week. Lost some gains after my knee injury and in hindsight I should’ve kept going even if I didn’t work out legs. Back to the gym and my good eating habits starting today.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
05/28/18 12:10 pm

Good for you! I have been eating way too many carbs.