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outlaw393 Chaotic Neutral
05/28/18 11:19 am

I have to try things on first. I don't want to buy something, wait a week or so for it to arrive and then realize it doesn't fit.

05/28/18 10:35 am

I prefer to try things on in person. I’m hard to fit, and women’s sizing is not consistent between brands. But once I ave bought an item and like it, I might buy another online.

paranoidandroid peace love science
05/28/18 10:16 am

Pretty much exclusively online. I only shop at a few stores and know my size. Anything to avoid the dreaded mall. I do end up making exchanges/returns but it’s not every time. And there are often online sales that I don’t see in the stores.

05/28/18 6:36 am

Online just doesn't work. You gotta try the clothes on.

HtheC South Florida
05/28/18 6:54 am

Agree, clothing and groceries in a store. Most of everything else online. Usually Amazon.