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keyannawinston May 28th, 2018 10:56am

On this holiday weekend when everyone is at home and not busy or away at work I'd like to make a public apology to @Kay41 for being unnecessarily rude and repugnant to one that I've never seen be so. I know I'm oft vicious but I was wrong to be so.

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Krystina Let Freedom Reign
05/28/18 9:46 am

Well, this is one of the best polls and threads (below) that I think I’ve ever seen on SOH. Props for having the balls to admit fault & apologize so publicly.

voc I am...what I am
05/28/18 8:50 am

That is very cool of you

Mariland neon butterfly garden
05/28/18 7:06 am

Rage & Regret cycle continues 🤦🏽‍♀️

Kay41 the Midwest
05/28/18 5:13 am

Key, your apology is very much appreciated and accepted although I wasn't looking for or expecting one. I certainly don't find you repugnant. I do find you to be rude sometimes and that was what I felt was happening that day. The one false part of your apology is that I'm never rude. I have certainly not been at my best at times on SOH over the years and have had to apologize to a few people. I wouldn't want anyone to get the impression that I am (or I think I am) without faults. But, it takes a very big person to make a public apology and I respect you for that. I'm putting this incident behind us and look forward to interacting with you further on SOH! Thank you!

Kay41 the Midwest
05/28/18 5:37 am

Thank you, Key! :) I also look forward to having more conversations with you!

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
05/28/18 8:25 am

I love both of you! That’s really awesome.

Casper Deep inthe Heart ofTexas
05/28/18 10:38 am

This should be posted as an example of the high standards possible on SOHs.

You two are as different as any two people could be and yet you could be sisters. You are both class acts.

Casper Deep inthe Heart ofTexas
05/28/18 2:40 pm

We can all relate. You just have a little more fire in the belly than most of us. Whatever was said before is more than made up for here.

Anyway I wasn’t suggesting advertising the other pole. Those are too easily found on SOHs. Yours can get lost in history.