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keyannawinston May 28th, 2018 10:00am

If you own jointly a parcel of land with your siblings that you believe would benefit all by selling the parcel, would it be wrong to conspire with the spouses of your siblings to help convince them that it is time to sell?

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4boot LaTrineodeur, MN
05/28/18 6:09 pm

Seems like the old family farm is unsustainable in the long term. Multiple owners of real estate can be a nightmare when trying to get them to agree on anything.

My grandfather was a very successful businessman and owned many nice pieces of real estate. Despite using a lawyer for business dealings, for some weird reason he never had a will drawn up before he died at age 82 (my grandmother had died years before). So, with no will, the state divided the real estate between his nine children. Bottom line, over several years the kids couldn’t agree on anything related to the properties. Nobody paid the taxes and the properties were eventually taken by the state. Nine losers.

Good luck, I hope you folks can agree on something before circumstances intervene to cause a less than ideal outcome.

rons Thanks America
05/28/18 11:55 am

Sounds fair to me. The spouses are involved by marriage. If a couple splits will the spouse get half of the wife’s share?

rons Thanks America
05/28/18 12:23 pm

How about growing POT!
Sorry, I know it’s a predicament for you all.
Sound like you have a well intentioned family but maybe too tied to Daddy’s farm.
We have a VT house and land left to us by my wife’s father. A crappy house on 7.5 beautiful Vermont acres. My kids rarely come up, the house have structural problems, I’m 75 she is 73. I could have a real nice vacation for what we pay in taxes. We say we have no Allegiance to the place yet we can’t bring ourselves to sell it. My son says “oh don’t sell it” but he does nothing to help. So he’ll get the problem when I’m gone. Bet he sell it in a week!

ncbuc Get Over It
05/28/18 10:22 am

If it were my family. I'd consider leasing the property to another farm if that was possible in that area. Maybe get enough to cover taxes and maybe profit a little ad not have the equipment upkeep. and help another farm expand their own operations without having to purchase land and pay the taxes. Could possibly benefit all parties involved.

ncbuc Get Over It
05/28/18 11:31 am

That's a damned shame. If only it were that easy huh? Farming is tough work. No doubt.
I didn't know corporate farms were surrounding you. It's even tougher then. You guys the last family farm in the area?

ncbuc Get Over It
05/28/18 12:08 pm

Man. That sucks. Yeah, it would crush me too if it was my family's farm so long. It's a tough decision. Although I don't think it's necessarily wrong, I'd say you're right not to conspire. Especially if you are about them as you've stated. I'd rather hurt their feelings by being honest than the impression of conspiring. I wish you and your sisters the best no matter which way you decide. Sounds like you guys have been kicked enough dealing with it. But, you all should be commended for trying!
Damn that's a tough deal!

Krystina Let Freedom Reign
05/28/18 9:59 am

You’re not committing a crime. There’s no conspiracy. You’re simply talking to others on your side of an issue in an effort to try to sway those who are not. Nothing wrong with that as long as you don’t force anything.

sea California
05/28/18 9:51 am

There’s nothing wrong with talking to the spouses, just don’t do it behind anyone’s back. Also why don’t you just have them buy out your portion or sell a portion?

phalnx Ohio
05/28/18 8:21 am

Talking never's still the decision of whoever owns it.

lcamino Florida and Georgia
05/28/18 8:03 am

I don’t know if one person can force a sale, or if it has to be a majority. I knew of a similar case where nieces and nephews inherited some land in the country. One was an attorney, and she forced it to be sold. If this is an inheritance, there may be stipulations in the will.

lcamino Florida and Georgia
05/28/18 10:50 am

If it’s costing you money, I can see how you’d want to sell it. My mother had a home and property that she sold. The sale went through the week of her death. It did make it easier to divide the assets.

rons Thanks America
05/28/18 12:01 pm

Can you relinquish you share to the sisters that want to keep the farm and be rid of it? You say you don’t need it.

shygal47 Florida east coast
05/28/18 6:29 am

Hmmm - my sister and I inherited Mom’s house. When it came time to sell, my only condition was that her husband could NOT be part of the process or negotiations.

FarmerManE djent
05/28/18 5:31 am

Talk to them, show them numbers of why it would be better to sell.

05/28/18 4:07 am

It all depends on how much you value your relationships with your family.
A different, and perhaps more friendly, thing to do might be to see if they’d buy you out.

Praetorianus Fair enough.
05/28/18 3:58 am

I'd rather talk about it with the siblings - hey, we're *family*!

wearemonkeys77 Lest We Forget... Hodor
05/28/18 3:30 am

How would yiu feel if they tried to manipulate you to "help" you?