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commonman1 Peace
06/03/18 6:54 pm

This is the reason we need more republicans in office.

05/28/18 7:29 am

Single payer is a disaster in Britain and Canada. Bernie Sanders says we cannot afford it.

Jazzy5 USA
05/31/18 12:25 pm

Bernie is pushing single payer!
For the common people, not the politicians...

cowboy Dog Father
05/28/18 6:49 am

This is America and not Europe, right?

Didn’t we fight to free ourselves from their tyranny?

05/28/18 12:47 pm

Or according to you affordable healthcare!

Casper Deep inthe Heart ofTexas
05/28/18 6:14 pm

We do need to be freed from so called affordable healthcare. Clearly it’s not affordable.

bluerum29 optimistic idealist
05/28/18 6:26 am

If done right private would be much better

Robert97206 Portland Oregon
05/28/18 6:03 am

Health insurance is a scam.

Casper Deep inthe Heart ofTexas
05/28/18 6:17 pm

Health insurance is a great value as long as somebody else is paying for it.
Yes, it’s a scam.

Robert97206 Portland Oregon
05/29/18 8:28 am

The administrative cost of keeping insurance up-to-date towards federal regulations costs more then the service they provide. I would estimate about 89% of what you pay your insurance goes to administrative duties and not into the pocket of your doctor.

If people would properly save 10% of their wages and paid their medical professionals in cash there would be no need for health insurance.

FarmerManE djent
05/28/18 5:15 am

After the disaster aca had caused, it pretty much left us with single payer as the only way forward. Thanks obama

05/28/18 6:40 am

Um ... the disaster was single payer

05/28/18 6:43 am

That was the objective of the make things so bad that the “only” solution was to let the government control everything...because that’s a smart idea

FarmerManE djent
05/28/18 6:53 am

Didnt say single payer was the best system but there's no going back to pre Aca days

Think Lovin Life
05/28/18 7:37 am

Farm ... wrong! MrO’s goal was to break the private model and force us to single payer, I’m confident that we can recover.

05/28/18 7:38 am

We must recover

05/28/18 4:21 am

The size of the health care industry has exploded as has the cost of healthcare. You can often buy medical supplies/services for 25% less if you bypass your insurance. (I can’t afford the “affordable” mortgage-sized insurance premiums so I have the high deductible plan.)

When gov’t gets involved, everyone lines up to get in on the “deal”.

Jimmy Kimmel’s son would have been just fine without government health care.