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Show Of Hands May 28th, 2018 2:25am

Do you think more than 10% of the next generation of Americans will enter orbit at some point during their lives?

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Amaranth Iowa
06/01/18 10:31 pm

I say yes. We’ll cure pretty much all disease by 2040-2050 and by then, we’ll have developed ways to prolong the lifespan by a few decades at least. By then, capitalism should catch up, because a trip to space costs $250,000 right now. Remember, a computer used to cost more than a house.

mfjd1948 rural johnson co iowa
05/29/18 10:06 am

No. I would be very surprised if it even approaches 1% in the next 100 years.

05/29/18 10:00 am

At the rate it’s gong, I imaging just singing the national anthem will have the effect of triggering about 200 SJWs into orbit per second.

trav USA
05/29/18 7:26 am

That’s 30 million people by the year 2050. So ridiculous.

05/29/18 3:33 am

I think they will find a way to permanently implant their smart phones inside if their hands.

Amaranth Iowa
06/01/18 10:32 pm

Why wouldnt we just make it an eye implant, dummy?

Acow Where is the Source
05/28/18 6:22 pm

Just want to let everyone who said yes know that 10% of 320 million people is 32 million people. Currently 536 people have been in space.

Which means we’re 0.001675% done with that goal.

Amaranth Iowa
06/01/18 10:34 pm

No it doesn’t. none of those people are next-gen Americans.

chance Sirnotappearinginthisfilm
05/28/18 12:53 pm

Well the libs are in outer space now, sooooo....

SHIPPY1944 Tn.
05/28/18 11:38 am

When Pigs Fart & Fly šŸ–šŸ’Øā—ļø

Texas1 did not proofread
05/28/18 8:59 am

10%?!??!?!! That’s an astronomical amount of Americans!

cowboy Proud Father
05/28/18 6:26 am

Hopefully my daughter will fly high. High above all of this.

wearemonkeys77 Lest We Forget... Hodor
05/28/18 10:21 am

How many kids do you have cowboy, if you dont mind me asking.

cowboy Proud Father
05/28/18 10:26 am

I do mind from a terrorist sympathizer like you. Mind your own business.

ptellini GET OVER HERE
05/28/18 5:23 am

I have to laugh every time I see a poll like this.

Doopy Remedial Americanism
05/28/18 4:21 am

Well, technically you’re in orbit whenever you jump, but it’s an unstable one that intersects the planetary radius. I doubt so many will achieve stable orbit, though.

Wonderess Louisiana
05/28/18 12:43 am

I took into consideration those aircraft that are supposed to skim the atmosphere and be faster than jetliners so I voted yes.

05/27/18 11:40 pm

Growing up in the 80's we all expected things to be like the Jetsons by the year 2000. We're not even close and now going backwards 100 years.

Xemanis Lawful Good
05/28/18 1:58 am

If we were going back 100 years you wouldn't be able to write that on here.

05/27/18 11:22 pm

Very unlikely imo. Be a while yet before it becomes more normal.

Domino3 Abolish the ATF
05/27/18 11:20 pm

Hell no. Going to space is expensive, Iļøt will be along time before something like that happens.

05/27/18 10:09 pm

Wish they could but that’s far too many people to be able to.

Elsia Hopeless Wanderer
05/27/18 10:00 pm

10% of Americans.. is A LOT OF AMERICANS. Likely that more people will go to space, but not millions šŸ˜‚

Quinnipiac Here
05/27/18 9:19 pm

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Liberty 4,032,064
05/27/18 8:16 pm

There would have to be some reason to do so to justify them spending that money. I don’t see it happening.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
05/27/18 7:57 pm

Considering the current lack of capacity, that number seems pretty optimistic.

Praetorianus In the uncanny valley
05/27/18 7:45 pm

No, that would be several million.
Even the most ambitious orbital city plans and space tourism won't be able to have that capacity.
However, suborbital flights from A to B (get from NYC to Tokyo in an hour) may be common enough to pass that mark.

05/27/18 7:34 pm

Technically, as we are on a planet that is orbiting around the sun and its associated focus, everything on Earth is in orbit. I know that wasn’t the point of the question, but it’s worth mentioning.