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mudkip17 May 27th, 2018 11:40pm

family member goes on FB rant about how he's tired of the left "oppressing" him by saying he's racist because he's a trump supporter, sameperson also said he turned off a KKK documentary because he was agreeing too much with KKK. Fair to call racist?

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mudkip17 United States of Texas
05/28/18 12:11 am

I wish more people would watch this music video

LeftLibertarian The Age of Outrage
05/28/18 12:18 am

Oh, and your family member’s definitely not ray-cyst!

LeftLibertarian The Age of Outrage
05/28/18 12:21 am

On a more serious note, that video is valuable for the same reason this app is, the first couple of minutes are an effective window into the genuine mind set of millions of toxic people that can influence policy, and when their views are unrestrained, and unmasked by any sense of human decency.

mudkip17 United States of Texas
05/28/18 12:25 am

I can agree with your sentiment but I view its value for a different reason. Every person sees the world differently, and whether a person is wrong or right, you need to hear out both sides of the story. You can't talk at a person you have to talk with a person. If you can't see the world through their eyes, and don't respond to how they see life you won't be able to change anything. They have to see you understand where you come from before they can open up to what you see.

LeftLibertarian The Age of Outrage
05/28/18 12:27 am

Oh yeah, for sure it’s just one of the values of the video, it’s not the main intended one and I’d probably say it isn’t the most significant one either.

suppressedID hope despite the times
05/27/18 7:02 pm

Apparently your family member is dating my cousin. And he is a racist SOB.

05/27/18 7:12 pm

No no. He’s definitely talking about my uncle.

mudkip17 United States of Texas
05/28/18 12:20 am

I guess we all have that family member

kscott516 Revelation 5 6
05/27/18 6:43 pm

And you’ve come full circle to finally admitting the KKK, started by Democrats, are racists.

shygal47 Florida east coast
05/27/18 7:02 pm

You need therapy. Personal opinion. No need to respond.

mudkip17 United States of Texas
05/27/18 10:22 pm

Yes because I held out that the KKK wasn't racist lol. What a putz

mudkip17 United States of Texas
05/27/18 10:23 pm

You could say democrats and I could say southern conservatives and we'd both be right

snagglepuss Story Time
05/27/18 6:32 pm

If you agree with the KKK you’re a racist.

05/27/18 6:36 pm


geoag02 Dallas, TX
05/27/18 6:27 pm

Probably a fair conclusion, though I would be interested in knowing exactly what his points of agreement with the KKK were.

05/27/18 5:22 pm

Being called out for your s*** is not oppression. I wonder if Hitler thought the Allied powers were “oppressing” him 🧐.

shygal47 Florida east coast
05/27/18 5:07 pm

Your family member seems confused and angry. Hope he doesn't own weapons.

UniversePlan Michigan
05/27/18 5:02 pm

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AdamStephens West Virginia
05/27/18 4:52 pm

I'm sure there are other warning g signs there too.

smartfart Florida
05/27/18 4:44 pm

If it walks like a Trump & talks like a Trump, it might be a racist/xenophobe blowhard.

mudkip17 United States of Texas
05/27/18 4:42 pm

I couldn't put everything into this because of character restriction. But he regularly attacks the left for labeling him a racist when he "clearly is not". I've heard him saying he agrees with the KKK ideology so isn't it fair to say that he is racist? Now I've never seen him discriminate against a person of color, so I won't say he's as bad as the KKK, but he obviously holds those sentiments right? So he can't be that mad for being called what he is?