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bluerum29 May 27th, 2018 8:21pm

Do you ever hang out in the spare bedroom of your house, or is it strictly for guests?

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ladyniner81 I hate people
05/28/18 3:23 pm

It's for guests and stink bugs 😡😡

Can't get rid of those little fuckers

Torfin Never Behind
05/28/18 12:49 pm

It also is my wife's dressing room.

PB246 California
05/27/18 10:52 pm

We have a guest room. We sometimes sleep in there because we put black out drapes in there.

BamaGirl ROLL TIDE from Texas
05/27/18 10:27 pm

I don’t have one, but when I did, I didn’t hangout in there, unless we had a guest staying there.

cpaswr just say the letters
05/27/18 10:19 pm

Our spare bedrooms are used for guests. One is “labeled” as my FIL’s room. The other is “labeled” as my nephew’s room.

We use our FIL’s room to hold things that are to be donated. Once we have enough to donate, they are gone.


liddleTrump trump is liddle
05/27/18 6:14 pm

Because when u fight with your wife, you get kicked to the sofa or spare bedroom:.

DGroot America
05/27/18 5:21 pm

I go sleep in the spare bedroom when my wife kicks me out for snoring to loud

Zod Above Pugetropolis
05/27/18 4:10 pm

It’s where we store the overflow stuff from what would be our hobby room if it wasn’t jam-packed with stuff that would be in the basement if this house had one.

HammeringMan Gods Away On Business
05/27/18 5:31 pm

The Zod has a hobby.
We're waiting------?

Zod Above Pugetropolis
05/27/18 6:58 pm

Tons of hobbies. But the hobby room would be so I don’t have to put away and get back out the ones I do at a table in the living room now. Electronics/soldering, RC airplanes, models in general, sewing, fly tying, old timey drafting (to save clutter I usually use Sketchup instead of getting out the drawing tools, a place to put the Prusa MK3 I don’t yet have but want desperately, and the leatherwork that I don’t currently do but want to learn. And my wife’s indoor hobbies in her half of the room, which ironically are basically what is filling the room now, but in boxes.

HammeringMan Gods Away On Business
05/28/18 7:11 pm

No wonder you have moved some of your activities to another room with such a delightful collection of hobbies. I hope that 3D printer continues to become more affordable real soon.

phalnx Ohio
05/27/18 3:59 pm

Our spare bedroom is actually my Computer Room, so yes.

phalnx Ohio
05/27/18 7:00 pm

Not the way I use ' computers are basically expensive game consoles.

katerina13 stuck in the middle
05/27/18 3:16 pm

We have a 3 bedroom with a study, no kids. One room is the hubs. I do not own one single solitary thing in that room. This is the only room with any clutter. It’s not allowed in my home. You’d be surprised how many people think the house is ‘clean,’ just bc there’s no clutter. Guest room is guest room. When I need downtime, the master bedroom works great. Hubs checks on me periodically to see if I need anything, but mostly I read or nap or mess with my phone. No TV in the bedroom, period.

presrvd Phoenix
05/27/18 3:06 pm

No guest bedroom. One is an office, one is a library. I don't do 'guests'.

HammeringMan Gods Away On Business
05/27/18 5:33 pm

Guest room is mine and the pups. Each have their own couch or share the bed.

Guests sleep in the horse barn. Stall #2 has fresh shavings if you want to visit.

KellyDimples Ultra MAGA deplorable
05/27/18 2:29 pm

We don't have a spare bedroom. In fact, our 2 girls have to share a room. If anyone has a spare they could lend us, that'd be great.

orgblu10 Shamerica
05/27/18 2:29 pm

Don't have a spare bedroom.

AdamStephens West Virginia
05/27/18 1:59 pm

It's my office... Soon to be my nursery, I guess i dont have a guest room anymore...

bluerum29 optimistic idealist
05/27/18 2:05 pm

That's unfortunate. I'm hanging out on the guest bed today. Its calm, quiet, and uncluttered in here.

CrazDab Florida
05/27/18 1:50 pm

I hang out in my bathroom. I love my bathroom. I have a mini refrigerator in there. Stocked with water, beer, wine. There’s a coffee maker in there. Two chairs. A speaker that pumps out music. There are 3 vents in there so I could smoke if I wanted too. It’s my get away spot. If I’m missing, I’m hanging out in my bathroom, not in a spare bedroom 🙅‍♂️

katerina13 stuck in the middle
05/27/18 3:11 pm

Someone has a very nice house with an en suite.