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Show Of Hands August 19th, 2012 12:00am

Do you believe that most people in the "other" political party (from yours) are intellectually or morally flawed?

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Threeper301 Gilbert, AZ
08/26/12 6:40 pm

...meaning, look at what the Democrats believe on major issues, and compare them to what the Church teaches. The Democratic Party's positions are completely against Catholic teachings.

Threeper301 Gilbert, AZ
08/26/12 6:39 pm

@ optimist: I agree; in fact, they have no morals. Ann Coulter had it right in her book "Demonic". The entire Left is just pure mob mentality. And any devout Catholic who is voting Democrat is practically spitting on the Catechism.

08/25/12 6:27 am

If you can't see much difference between Clinton, Bush, Obama, and Romney, you are smarter than the average Demoplican/Republicrat. They are all statists with no regard for limited, constitutional government.

jobosno Charlotte, NC
08/25/12 1:39 am

This is quite scary. How are we still functioning with this attitude?

08/24/12 9:22 pm

I have some near and very dear friends who are Dems, What amazes me is that they are normally very intelligent people, they just have this one "brain fart" thing where they can't seem to see where this idiot of a President is taking the country.

08/24/12 9:19 am

I'm proud to be an independent from S.D.

optimist6 Fort Wayne, IN
08/23/12 6:26 pm

And I'm catholic. It isn't because of their party, it's because of what they think as a party.

optimist6 Fort Wayne, IN
08/23/12 6:25 pm

No offense. Democrats are great- but they are illmoral on my terms.

musicnerd RHIT
08/23/12 6:22 pm

Really??? Come on, morally flawed based on policy differences? I think that sounds absurd. And I'm a catholic.

08/22/12 10:00 pm

This is why I hate this planet.

08/22/12 9:11 pm

Logically flawed, yes

08/22/12 6:27 pm

People who say yes are what is wrong with America

erica80 Iowa
08/22/12 5:56 pm

I think the people in my party are flawed. It's called being human

emt816 Virginia
08/22/12 5:39 pm

Intellectually no. Morally - on some issues, yes.

WillowTree Arizona
08/22/12 4:37 pm

I think it doesn't matter what party you are, what you believe in and what your morals are, everyone has their opinions and beliefs. It didn't make them right or wrong, it's all an opinion. So show some respect for each other.

08/22/12 1:52 pm

I don't think most are, just the ones in that party's leadership

kaik12 Twin Cities, MN
08/21/12 11:08 pm

Honestly, I do. I just don't see the logic in not wanting equal rights for everyone, regardless of race, gender, religion, or sexuality. It just baffles me.

thekid524 New York
08/21/12 9:24 pm

I'm a liberal. I think gays should be able to get married without getting picked on. Animals are souls too. I don't think all conservatives think the same way as me about gays and animals, but some do. Morally flawed isn't the right word, because moral has many meanings depending on your thought

08/21/12 7:02 pm

No..most people aren't so different if you take the time to talk to them about their political beliefs..

08/21/12 6:32 pm

If liberals are so smart, then why do they rely on the government so much to live their lives? It only shows that they are to stupid to make personal choices and rely on other people's money for a living.

08/21/12 5:21 pm

Republicans are statistically less intelligent. And this is just an opinion but I like to think that intelligent people have better morals.

MGLC New Mexico
08/21/12 3:05 pm

No. An opinion is like an @sshole. Everyone has them.

08/21/12 10:05 am

Reading these comments simply makes me sad. And I always thought the SoH group was for the most part, more fair minded. Guess not. Being ignorant, and too lazy to look into an issue further than mass media or what pastor Jim Bob told you doesn't make you morally bankrupt. It makes you naive.

PurpleAsh Nowhere Land, CO
08/21/12 8:47 am

Having different political beliefs doesn't make people less anything. It just means they think about things differently. That's not necessarily a bad thing.
"Politics, it seems to me, for years, or all too long, has been concerned with right or left instead of right or wrong." ~Richard Armour

08/21/12 8:15 am

Nope, just manipulated by gifts and promises.

08/21/12 6:22 am

I think they might be "misguided"

08/21/12 6:20 am

Hmm... Interesting map. I think I'll head north.

Adric Elkmont
08/21/12 5:09 am

In the case of Democrats it's not just what I think but reality

2katz I live in Nebraska
08/21/12 4:10 am

@Destroyer-- Wittlebaby is not a Republican or anything else he/she purports to represent. But he/she successfully manipulated you into drawing the desired inaccurate conclusion.

Destroyer Instillation 04
08/21/12 3:59 am

I believe dylansl sums up modern politics quite well, without going so far as to be insulting.

Destroyer Instillation 04
08/21/12 3:57 am

I am seeing a lot of grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors in a lot, I mean a lot, of the obvious republican posts. Wittlebaby is the most prominent example, well done.

08/21/12 12:54 am

I like the economic side of dem and the social side of rep but the system makes it hard to choose both

08/20/12 11:21 pm

Alas the other party IS unworthy.

08/20/12 11:19 pm

my near possible extinction. I think Im prone to suck the throw up of injustice directly down the throat my esophagus. The imminent feeling of death is soon intertwining the radical motion between my crap hole & the illustrious dispositions of unfortified non-achievers in which salvation is the end.

palindrome California
08/20/12 11:17 pm

Rep2012 showcases all the evidence necessary

08/20/12 11:13 pm

The two party system is a worm trying to suck the saliva of anal fluids out of my rectum. More words of freedum bull go down my throat than comes out. Libertarian spell free with a dom. This still doesn't explain my strong libertarianism. I feel like I'm trying to kick a gorilla off my throat from

08/20/12 10:34 pm

rep2012 don't use that word...

StNik North Carolina
08/20/12 10:15 pm

Some of these comments make me sad. Religious=moron. Liberal=unAmerican. Really?

It's amazing how big some people act behind a screen.

Vincere Seattle
08/20/12 10:02 pm

@dylansl, Moderates / Independents are not indecisive, we just have a mixture of conservative and liberal beliefs.

dylansl Texas
08/20/12 9:48 pm

Republicans are arrogant, democrats are cowards, independents are indecisive, libertarians are naive, statists are power-hungry...

You just can't win when you pick sides. Our first president said to not pick sides. And he was our best leader.

Topgun California
08/20/12 9:40 pm

Morally yes, intellectually... Maybe

08/20/12 9:33 pm

Rep2012 Your comment only proves how crazy some Republicans are...

08/20/12 9:31 pm

Dems are retarded, non American socialists. There dangerous and will be delt with accordingly.

zedd Desert Dweller
08/20/12 9:28 pm

Just because I don't agree with someone doesn't necessarily mean they're flawed. I'm a moderate ( dying breed), and often the most practical solution lies in the middle. That is, there are elements of truth (usually) to both positions.

08/20/12 9:13 pm

The Partys have become a brand, complete with lame logos. Their sole duty and purpose is to market their brand and pit one group against another. I think it's ignorant to injest and spew whatever your Party is feeding you as truth without checking any facts.

TheDad Florida
08/20/12 9:02 pm

it is not necessarily the other people it is there lieing party leadership that blow smoke rings up there brown ring then they believe it