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Have you ever experienced a natural disaster in person?

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06/09/12 8:28 am

I had a lot of hipster friends who lost their lives trying to save their apple macbook pro from chasing a tornado in oklahoma.

HG Virginia
06/07/12 8:48 am

many times, and it was AWSOME. :D

06/07/12 3:48 am

Lol, unless you count hurricane Irene :-P

Sporter80 Oklahoma
06/04/12 10:27 pm

Tornado Alley!
And we had a series of earthquakes spanning a lengthy duration somewhat recently.

06/04/12 6:34 am

hurricane Charlie. and my dad was in Agnes in '72. he was driving with my uncle when my grandpa told them not to because of the storm, and they got trapped in a flood. luckily some firefighters rescued them in time, but the weird thing is that my mom was born that same day.

bellatrixx Indiana
06/03/12 1:22 pm

Tornado right outside my house, picked up my trampoline and I never saw it again . Lol very scary

l0veSp0tt Wisconsin
06/03/12 9:51 am

there was a tornado right down the road from my house but wasnt home..

humanist Louisiana
06/03/12 12:04 am

We stayed for Hurricanes Rita, Gustav, and Ike. I actually enjoyed watching Nature's ferocity.

06/02/12 7:43 pm

Ice storm of '08 (Massholes will know what im talking about)

06/02/12 3:53 pm

Does post Katrina count? Did search and rescue for HSUS. Saw it all, destroyed my truck from the chemicals in the waste. But did not live through it.

scottstots Georgia
06/02/12 3:36 pm

Mothers Day tornado about 4 years ago.

06/02/12 1:06 pm

Earthquakes happen all the time here in southern California

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
06/02/12 12:12 pm

@tizzle: Yes to an earthquake; no to hurricane?

06/02/12 10:34 am

northeast u.s. great ice storm of '98. it wrecked our town.

qwerter Its a trap
06/02/12 8:59 am

Last spring when all the tornadoes hit the southeast.

yesmaam socal
06/02/12 12:11 am

Like a 3. Something earthquake

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
06/01/12 11:03 pm

earthquake in an elevator that kept smashing into walls and bouncing. also in a three week hurricane system that pulverized everything. we body surfed underground storm water system at phenomenal speed. G Force on corners

tizzle17 North Carolina
06/01/12 9:34 pm

I've been in hurricanes and blizzards but I said no because I consider them to just be the weather. To me a natural disaster is more like an earthquake or an unexpected volcano eruption or a tsunami...I wouldn't count a tornado either...

GirlOnFire Ohio
06/01/12 9:21 pm

My mom looked it up online from home and it showed that the tornado was right over the town that we were in. Luckily, we were driving away from it and made it out safely! Needless to say, we were all freaking out on the bus though.

monkeyy Ohio
06/01/12 9:21 pm

Does a tornado count?i was at the flight 93 memorial in Pennsylvania for a school trip today&the clouds got all dark&it was windy&drizzling. When we all returned to the bus it started pouring. I called my mom&she said the tornado was right where we were. good thing we got out of there when we did!

GirlOnFire Ohio
06/01/12 9:20 pm

I was almost in a tornado today! We were returning from our school trip to DC and stopped at the Flight 93 memorial. Gradually the sky darkened and it started to pour. We all ran to the buses and quickly drove away. There were heavy winds and it was raining really hard.

06/01/12 8:00 pm

you all know you wanna write down obama's first term

cup0pizza .
06/01/12 7:12 pm

Yes. The Idaho earthquake of '83.

06/01/12 7:00 pm

Katrina evacuees from LA came stay in my neighborhood, and began dealing drugs. There was an execution or two amongst their number, and suddenly they moved on. Glad the neighborhood survived them.

06/01/12 6:54 pm

I saw the 2008 Atlanta drought mentioned - that cracked me up. I live two hours from ATL, and I must admit that their moss did look a little thirsty that year.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
06/01/12 6:03 pm

Oh, add blizzard and wildfires (if those count).

anonymous0 Nevada
06/01/12 5:51 pm

sf earthquake.. 1989. nothing major happened to my family. just book shelves tipped over and stuff. well we were 20 min away from sf city too.

smiley12 California
06/01/12 5:34 pm

Not sure if an earthquake counts as a "disaster". But if it does, then yes, many times.

06/01/12 5:07 pm

Tornadoes that destroyed Ringgold GA last year damaged or destroyed most of the houses on my block, including mine. Oh, and the Carter administration.

kris55 Alabama
06/01/12 4:03 pm

Ive been of the tornadoes that effed up alabama last year was pretty close to where i live.

06/01/12 3:38 pm

It. Waz like a 5 or 6 point oh in the east coast earthquake in 2011

kandykane California
06/01/12 1:51 pm

Do droughts count as well? And I've been pretty close to some big wildfires.

kandykane California
06/01/12 1:49 pm

Woah it's completely 50/50 right now.
And do minor earthquakes count?

tsk California
06/01/12 1:00 pm

Oh and before we moved to Cali. I was an infant during the Mount St Helens eruption. My Mom said there was tons of ash everywhere.

tsk California
06/01/12 12:46 pm

The big earthquake in mid 80's. Earlier in the day. All the frogs left the big aquifer/pond. There were thousands of them. Now that I think about it. They have some kind of 6th sense.

lmurder MDK
06/01/12 12:33 pm

@bribri you're so lost. Keep up kitty

06/01/12 6:32 am

Numerous hurricanes. They suck. When i was a kid, a business I worked at was hit by a tornado (F-4). Two coworkers killed by flying 2x4's.

06/01/12 6:13 am

Does an ice storm count? in '94?? i think..I was driving at the time, there was ice on my car..I lost power for a week. there was another in '08..but not as bad..

maverick7 Tennessee
06/01/12 5:43 am

What kind of natural disasters take place in Montana? Tornados?

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
06/01/12 4:26 am

@lmurder: I said nothing about tornado alley. Why are you attacking everyone's natural disaster experiences?