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Should all new road construction include dedicated bicycle lanes?

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03/24/13 11:19 pm

I said no because we have them all over the place up here and the bikers still go down the middle of the road holding up traffic! If they'd actually use them it would make sense in the city, but not rural areas.

poorincollege Boston metro
03/22/13 3:34 pm

Anyone who says no in Massachusetts has clearly never driven through boston and the closer burbs.

natejgardner Edmonds, Washington
03/21/13 12:46 am

No. Strategically place bicycle paths.

03/20/13 6:27 pm

I live in the middle of nowhere no one is riding bikes here unless you are in town

dallas Highland Park, TX
03/20/13 6:20 pm

I voted yes, but knowing the bicyclists in my area, they will still ride in the middle of the lane. We already have bicycle lanes on at least 70% of our roads and they never use them.

Ojjake HumanCyborg Relations
03/20/13 3:54 pm

I get everywhere by bike. Bicycle lanes make it so much easier to get where I need to go.

imfeenominal Texas
03/20/13 10:50 am

They're just going to ride in the middle of the road, anyway. Just like they always do.

ashpash943 denver
03/20/13 10:49 am

Bikers need to stay off the road unless they're looking to get run over

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
03/20/13 10:39 pm

You should get off the road until you learn about sharing the road.

sn34x Minnesota
03/19/13 7:37 pm

Pull your heads out. In many areas it makes no sense whatsoever. In many areas the bike lanes would literally never get used.

03/19/13 6:25 pm

If the citizens of a particular community want them, fine.

Mandated by the federal government, no way.

nslam Texas
03/19/13 6:21 pm

ALL new roads? That would be ridiculous and wasteful where I live.

03/19/13 3:57 pm

I would love to be able to ride a bike to work. Only a couple of miles away, but there are no sidewalks or bike lanes and a 55 mph road.

03/19/13 1:48 pm

Isn't that what sidewalks are for? Suburban areas I'm fine with a bike lane, but any road where traffic is 35+, its more of a hazard to the bicyclist because of idiots that can't pay attention when they're driving.

Sijray21 Northern Virginia
03/19/13 3:09 pm

Sidewalks are often more dangerous than riding on the road and illegal in some jurisdictions.

03/19/13 5:21 pm

The sidewalks are for pedestrians. And people's negligence is not an excuse! Learn to share the road. Check your mirrors before turning, and pay attention. As long as bicyclists obey traffic laws, that should be sufficient. Not having bike lanes isn't going to help our fossil fuel dependency.

03/19/13 6:27 pm

So lets say you're traveling at 45 or so. Some guy on a bike not paying attention to traffic rides out in front of you so you have no time to actually slow (assuming this particular stretch of road doesn't have a bike lane). I've seen more accidents caused by a bicyclists inability to pay (cont.)

03/19/13 6:31 pm

Attention. They would ride out into traffic expecting people to slow down for them when it's a high speed road. So as I said, suburban areas (25mph) yeah, bike lanes all day. High speed roads, they are safer riding on the shoulder/sidewalk.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
03/20/13 10:42 pm

All if our roads are 45 mph. People regularly drive 50-55 mph. It's quite simple to ride on the road. I shouldn't have to ruin my tires an endanger pedestrians because you can't share the lane. The time that I was hit by a car was when I was on the sidewalk, actually. Truthfully.

03/19/13 11:49 am

I say yes that way they are not in my way

Sijray21 Northern Virginia
03/19/13 11:44 am

Depends on the road and the analysis of rider usage. Urban and suburban roads under 50mph with rider usage, absolutely; roads with little likeliness of rider usage; no. If the road will get higher rider usage and high speed car traffic: physical barriers are necessary.

Sijray21 Northern Virginia
03/19/13 11:48 am

I've seen a lot of pointless bike lanes in the DC area (ie: lasts for 100 yards, in an obscure area with no cycling traffic, etc.). Putting bicycle lanes in should be a default, but highly encouraged in urban and suburban areas. Drivers in rural areas have plenty of room to pass a cyclist safely.

Sijray21 Northern Virginia
03/19/13 12:05 pm

Shouldn't be a default*

btw, I'm a cyclist AND a driver. I can take 5-10 seconds out of my day while I'm driving to pass a cyclist safely... Even on narrow roads.

We wouldn't need bike lanes if more people weren't such a-holes behind the wheel...

cornybread The Large Malus Fruit
03/19/13 8:37 am

Not all of them. Some areas may not be suitable for biking. but there are bike lanes appearing all over the place here and I don't really have an issue with them. In some parts of the city, they even have traffic lights specifically for bikers.

cornybread The Large Malus Fruit
03/19/13 8:36 am

Someone's in a good mood today

03/19/13 6:43 am

No because simply saying get your ass off the road going 10 mph in a 55 mph road. Go find a bike trail to play on.

03/19/13 8:11 am

Roads were actually constructed for bicycles. Cars came later. Regardless of your liking it, sharing the road is the law, and a bicycle has the same rights (right of way) as a car. If you hit me or my family as we are riding, you'd better kill me.

Sijray21 Northern Virginia
03/19/13 11:38 am

Roads aren't meant for cars. They're meant to transport people. That includes people on bicycles...

Sijray21 Northern Virginia
03/19/13 11:40 am

That bring said, not all roads should have bicycles on them (ie: interstates, highways, etc) and if bicycles were allowed on high speed roads they should have physical barriers to separate traffic between bicycles and cars/trucks.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
03/20/13 10:44 pm

You can go 55 mph, I don't care, but you can also get to the left of the lane. If the lane is narrow, then move over accordingly. In VA, 2 foot birth is required. Seeing as how a lane is 12 (in most places), drivers here don't even need to change lanes OR slow down. They do both though, and get...

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
03/20/13 10:45 pm

...mad at US because THEY don't know the law. It should be on the test that you have to score perfectly on to get your permit. "What should you do when a biker is present?" Learn how to drive, and stop blaming us. Share the road!

03/19/13 4:52 am

I said no, but it should be considered. If you have a separate bike path already or unlikely to have bicycle traffic don't waste money. Otherwise lots of people would bike including me if there was a safe way to get there, driving down fuel costs for everything else.

03/19/13 4:08 am

I can tell you of MANY places where cyclists do not ride where I live. Hence, why make road construction anymore expensive to the tax payer and leave less money for other road improvement projects? It is common sense.

03/19/13 12:25 am

Why not republicans? Really. Why not?

03/19/13 8:13 am

I'm a Conservative. I voted in favor.

03/19/13 12:04 am

The highway closest to me has a two-lane bike lane separate from the traffic, with a solid barrier between the bikes and cars. It's quite nice too, I use it daily to get to school and I see pedestrians using it for jogging and walking their dogs. Cyclists aren't the only ones who use it.

fourwinds box of rain
03/19/13 12:00 am

Not really sure how we as a country (eventually) plan to get off our oil dependency if we're not making simple investments in transportation like this.

03/18/13 11:18 pm

I hate bikers! They take up the whole road, or ride in groups taking up more space.

03/18/13 11:59 pm

Because hummers and trucks take up so little room.

03/19/13 4:54 am

Maybe bike lanes or paths could help you there.

03/18/13 10:04 pm

This sort of decision should be made locally.

03/18/13 9:53 pm

I like the idea of bicycle lanes, but they're obviously not going to be needed on everyroad.

03/18/13 8:56 pm

We need bicycle lanes. People are so rediculous not sharing the road. No wonder more than half of America is closed minded and obese. Get on a bike and share the damn road! I know too many people who have been killed due to too small of a shoulder and too dumb a driver. Get it together y'all.

getupbaby South City
03/18/13 10:26 pm

I get what you're saying, but how many dead bicyclists do you know??

susanr Colorado
03/18/13 11:23 pm

I know one dead one, but that came from not wearing a helmet. My daughter was hit by a car - the driver's fault but fortunately just banged up. Well, with damaged knee.

munineye Ecotopia
03/18/13 11:36 pm

Two, who were left by the roadside to die because the driver never bothered to stop. They got away with it, too. Murder is legal here, as long as your victim was riding a bicycle at the time...

03/19/13 4:58 am

Didn't know them, but I've read about at least 3 locally.

03/19/13 5:06 am

Look, I know that all roads won't have bicycle lanes and saying that all new road construction should have bike lanes is a bit over the top. But if we all shared the road it'd be nice.

03/19/13 5:08 am

My dad, an avid bicyclist, bikes to work in VA almost everyday and about 5 years ago I got the phone call that around 3pm my dad was hit by a driver who swerved over two lanes from the opposite side of the road and hit my dad :/ so yeah, I'm a bit touchy on this subject.

Sijray21 Northern Virginia
03/19/13 11:52 am

Go Pro camera of on your helmet, FTW. I have a friend who has helped to arrest 2 people on assault charges because he had evidence of their actions.

pe1017 San Antonio
03/18/13 8:47 pm

In Texas, outside of austin, bicycles are for exercise or recreation.. Not transportation. The riders should find appropriate trails for their goal. I feel that this is another reason states should decide things of this nature.

03/19/13 8:15 am

Do you know of a trail that runs 125 miles? I've been known to ride that far in a day.

pe1017 San Antonio
03/19/13 8:34 am

Indeed, there are many trails that are that long and longer.... Some even go in circles...

studlies idaho
03/18/13 8:44 pm

The problem is it says all. Road to the ski resort? Roads in industrial areas? Roads out in the country? No, not all roads. Roads on town? Good idea.

susanr Colorado
03/18/13 11:25 pm

In Colorado people bike in all of those places.

thefoot1998 Conservative Christian
03/18/13 8:16 pm

they act like they rule the road and its a big risk for the cyclist and the driver

03/18/13 8:12 pm

Most fat people would not agree. Also people who don't see themselves as being fat even though they are wont agree. Sad really

funlover heart of it all
03/18/13 11:02 pm

As a larger person I enjoy biking and go out and ride whenever the weather permits. Don't judge people until you have walked in their shoes. I would love to see more bike lanes. Much safer than riding in traffic.

03/18/13 7:38 pm

How do you plan on paying for the wider roads that will accommodate this bike lane? Print more money??

03/18/13 7:42 pm

How about we ban SUVs so we don't have to pay for wide roads for them?

mherclif Ann Arbor, MI
03/18/13 7:46 pm

Exactly. Roads don't need to get any wider! It's counterproductive. Roads need to go on diets as it is and any extra space gained by removing lanes can be reserved for biking and/or public transit space.

03/18/13 7:06 pm

Normally I'd say "no," but cyclists are always in my way when driving, and most will annoyingly ride in the center just b/c they can.

skschroen always at school
03/18/13 8:01 pm

Meanwhile your sitting in a car getting no exercise- they should look down on you for being lazy and polluting the air not vise versa

03/19/13 8:18 am

While I agree with you to an extent, that there are idiot bikers... there are also a lot of idiot drivers in a hurry to get their fat pill at McD's as well.

03/19/13 7:22 pm

Wow, way to be ignorant. It's not feasible for me to ride a bike 35 miles each way to work everyday. You must be one of those annoying cyclists I speak of. FYI, I get my exercise in other ways...ways that are not inconsiderate to others.

03/19/13 7:22 pm

Wow, way to be ignorant. It's not feasible for me to ride a bike 35 miles each way to work everyday. You must be one of those annoying cyclists I speak of. FYI, I get my exercise in other ways...ways that are not inconsiderate to others.

spicysteve M14D SBS
03/18/13 6:49 pm

Here in NY, we have our own word for bike lane. It's appropriately called "death trap"

ClunkySpoon Next to Oleta Adams
03/18/13 6:21 pm

Yes because when all the rich job creators get their way it will be the only way the rest of us will be able to afford to get around.

skschroen always at school
03/18/13 8:01 pm

Maybe you should work harder

03/18/13 6:09 pm

Of course not on the highways.

skschroen always at school
03/18/13 8:02 pm

Im pretty sure highways wernt implied... If they dont exist now why would they ever? Thats pretty obvious

Goldiemol dry side of WA
03/18/13 6:02 pm

We have fantastic bike trails in our small city...but lack bike lanes to get to the trails.

2katz I live in Nebraska
03/18/13 5:41 pm

The problem for me with the question is the would "all." so I said no. But I think it's appropriate to CONSIDER it in communities where it is wanted and relevant.

STRUDELPOTATO Colorado Springs, CO
03/18/13 5:33 pm

holy crap 666 comments!!!!!! well, not anymore..

RayX quit
03/18/13 5:33 pm

Bikes need tags and the fees need to reflect the cost to provide bicycle access. In our town they are turning four lane roads into two lanes for cars and two for bikes. 50-50 would be fair in that case.

chile safer than congress
03/18/13 5:37 pm

40-50 dollars per year registration?

RayX quit
03/18/13 5:58 pm

Maybe more now but as the number of riders go up the rate would decline in theory. Of course we all know the cost would go up as riders go up so like all taxes it would never decline.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
03/18/13 6:18 pm

We don't pollute, we don't cost insurers money, and bikes aren't that practical for long-distance. Therefore anything more than the taxes we already pay (like everyone else) is a tad regressive, in my opinion. However, I did answer yes to that $10 question simply because of the low cost.

RayX quit
03/18/13 7:37 pm

Pollution is negligible but energy is expended and therefore it is not pollution free.
You do cost insurers money. bodily injury claims aren't cheap.
The road expense is significant and it is only fair that it be paid by those that impose it on the rest of us.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
03/19/13 3:49 am

But most accidents would either be small or covered by the driver's auto insurance, in most cases. The car accident would be more severe therefore costing more money. Energy is expended, but if that's a basis of a tax, then the US workers would be broke by now (more than they already are).

marrets On the Road
03/18/13 5:22 pm

How about we work on sidewalks first

03/18/13 7:47 pm

Where I live we have roads, sidewalks, and bike lanes. We also have electricity and running water. It's pretty awesome here :-)

chile safer than congress
03/18/13 5:17 pm

Bikes need a separate solution. Mixture of the two makes sense financially, but not always functionally. Too many bicyclist on the loosing end of a collision.

KAnne Atlantic City, NJ
03/18/13 5:08 pm

ALL? I don't think it's always necessary, particularly in low traffic areas. In more densely populated areas, yes.

acavemand The Burgh
03/18/13 4:28 pm

Where we're going we won't need roads... Oh wait the time travel question was yesterday...

steelcity Pittsburgh
03/18/13 4:20 pm

The all in the question makes the answer a no. Some roads, most roads, many roads, then I would consider a yes. All in ludicrous.

coal 80132
03/18/13 3:53 pm

Cyclists don't even stay in those lanes

03/18/13 3:58 pm

Esp at intersections.

munineye Ecotopia
03/18/13 4:01 pm

If I have to turn left, I'm not going to stay in the far right bike lane. I'm going to take up the left lane and drivers behind me are going to have to wait. I'm a vehicle when I'm seated on my bike, and have the right (in this state) to use the full lane if need be.

03/18/13 4:29 pm

Some people need to retake the driver's test if they think a bike should stay in the bike lane before turning left at a stop sign or light. You would think common sense would be enough but apparently not.

Melon No Ducklips
03/18/13 3:42 pm

It would be a tad difficult in much of the northeast as the roads are too thin as it is. Midwest and westcoast? Go for it.

fredd TrumpLand
03/18/13 3:39 pm

All roads? That's a silly idea, should we have cyclists on the freeway too?

Besides, cycle lanes need to be rethought and both cyclists and drivers re-educated. I commuted by bike for years in Scotland (despite the weather!) but I wouldn't do it here, I'd get killed by some thoughtless driver.

munineye Ecotopia
03/18/13 4:03 pm

Since I've started paying attention to the local cycling community here, there have been two cyclist deaths by drivers who didn't stop to see how the injured cyclist was. The worst part is, there's no justice. You can get away with murder if your victim was riding a bike.

fredd TrumpLand
03/18/13 4:17 pm

Death caused by drivers seems to be poorly prosecuted regardless of who the victims are. Most pedestrians are killed in crosswalks. Hit-n-run drivers should get hammered in my opinion, regardless of the injuries. Whatever the reason for the accident, driving off is unbelievably callous.

handfapp FL
03/18/13 3:32 pm

Semi horn dem bikers when passing

susanr Colorado
03/18/13 4:20 pm

Yeah, that's a nice friendly non-dangerous thing to do.

That only asshats would do.

handfapp FL
03/18/13 4:32 pm

Or throw things out windows while passing

susanr Colorado
03/18/13 5:00 pm

Yep, another asshat idiocy. Nice going.

EarlyBird Portland
03/18/13 10:28 pm

Susan- this is what I mean.
What do you think... 14? 15?

susanr Colorado
03/19/13 12:39 am

I'd like to think so, and the username is possibly an indicator too, but you never know.

I've actually had stuff thrown at me while I was biking (a drink cup that seemed to have something liquid other than a drink in it) & it was juveniles, but at least 1 was old enough to drive. Asshats.

gcoopdogg In a Mansion in My Head
03/18/13 3:31 pm

The more you support us cyclists, the cheaper it will be for you guys to fill up your Hummers, ya know?
Not to mention we'll be a healthier nation, thus healthcare costs would drastically drop.
Pretty much, any extra expense would be offset entirely!

gcoopdogg In a Mansion in My Head
03/18/13 3:38 pm

And yeah I agree with several who have already said, not "ALL" new roads necessarily need bike lanes, but MANY, MANY more do!