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Show Of Hands March 17th, 2013 1:15am

If you (or your lady) were having a baby in a few months, would you find out the gender in advance or wait to be surprised?

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EarlyBird Portland
03/25/13 7:24 am

I changed my vote on this. The argument of "knowing the sex helps you bond with the baby" makes complete sense.

03/22/13 8:24 pm

Way better to be surprised

03/19/13 3:53 am

I would find out and tell everyone, but I wouldn't announce the name until the day they would be born.

03/19/13 3:00 am

We just went through this. We waited. She was our first and we wanted everyone to be surprised. We think it made everyone around us more excited. If/when we have another we will find out for planning. Besides when you know showers are all pink or blue. Not knowing kept everyone guessing. It was fun!

03/18/13 1:06 pm

We are having a baby in a few months. Vowed to wait. We caved last Friday......It's a boy!

ladestra Urban Conservative
03/19/13 8:05 pm

CONGRATULATIONS!!! We had our baby boy Malachi last night at 7:30pm. If its your first like Malachi is for me, I promise u will never look at women the same, seriously women are BAD-A!! And if u happen to be a women(since I can't tell by ur name) then you have more respect from me that I can say.

Carolinaaa My name is not Carol.
03/18/13 12:13 pm

I really love the idea of waiting, but I would probably go crazy for 9 months without getting to monogram anything! Plus my husband says that there are enough surprises with having a baby anyway, might as well find out what you can beforehand. Haha.

cowboy Here and There
03/18/13 6:32 am

I'd rather wait and see. My girl wanted to know the sex of our daughter before the birth. As long as she was healthy, I could care less.

ladestra Urban Conservative
03/18/13 4:24 am

Funny coincidence, my wife is pregnant, we're having a boy and I'm up late right now cause we're in the hospital having our baby tomorrow morning. They are gonna induce at 10:30am, hopefully and I'm way too anxious to sleep so I'm in the waiting room watching tv because wifey is sleeping in our room

PartyFree Nowhere in Particular
03/18/13 2:18 am

I'd find out. I hate surprises, so it's for

PartyFree Nowhere in Particular
03/18/13 2:23 am

I hate when I drop my phone...
It's for my own sanity that I'd find out, because I like to plan everything down to the minute details, or as much as possible.
I'm glad my sister is the same way, since I get to find out this week if she's giving me a niece as I suspect, or a nephew as she hopes.

BeWhoYouAre 67209
03/17/13 11:10 pm

I want to know, so I can go shopping ASAP for clothes, toys, etc.

stephygurl Virginia
03/17/13 10:25 pm

My husband and I are trying and have decided to wait. Once people find out the baby's sex, they are more inclined to buy clothes, especially if it's a girl. I rather get things that are more of a necessity. Also, I am not a fan of the color pink and this will give me a protective measure against the

stephygurl Virginia
03/17/13 10:32 pm

onslaught of pink that comes when people find out you're having a girl. There are plenty of unisex clothes and room themes nowadays. Not just orange, yellow and green but gray, white, red, tan, brown, and some light bright shades of blue. This is one of life's last surprises and we will cherish it.

03/18/13 1:08 pm

We were gonna wait. Went with neural gray. But we caved pink for us. Bring on the blue. Good luck!

03/19/13 3:03 am

We waited and are glad we did. It was more exciting when the time came for our daughter to present herself. And we agreed that all pink stuff would have been annoying, but hey it's a gift and we appreciate the thoughts and generosity.

glencoco Seattle
03/17/13 8:53 pm

how else could I shop for baby jordans ?

03/17/13 7:50 pm

We found out at the ultrasound for all our boys. I like to plan so no surprise for us!

chile safer than congress
03/17/13 7:02 pm

Wow! The most balanced results across gender, politics, and income. Only age seems to show larger separations in outcomes

03/17/13 6:35 pm

I would know now, cuz i like to be prepared for things, especially clothes. Yeah, you could buy unisex clothes but how many of those can you find?

03/17/13 6:24 pm

Is it not a "surprise" when you find out at about 4-5 months gestation? Having done it both ways (not by choice - my daughter crossed her legs), I really enjoyed the moment of finding out so much more when I found out during the ultra sound of my 2nd. The moment was lost amid the rest of the birth.

03/17/13 6:17 pm

I have two boys. My wife and I waited for one and found out with the other. We both agree that waiting was more special.

03/17/13 5:06 pm

How to prepare for a surprise gender: buy onesies, layette gowns, neutral sleepers, a sling, a car seat. When the baby arrives friends and family can bring outfits. Babies don't actually need that much and they don't care what their room looks like.

03/17/13 5:02 pm

I have had 6 babies and have loved having the surprise for five of them. On the one I knew in advance, it was a high risk pregnancy with lots of ultrasounds so it was easy to see that it was a boy. We were worried about our baby and weren't sure if he would live. Being able to name him was helpful.

kenimini The Dreamer
03/17/13 4:45 pm

If u thought it was a girl and u bought girl clothes painted the room pink and had a sign that said its a girl and u gave birth to a boy, then what?

PartyFree Nowhere in Particular
03/18/13 2:03 am

A friend of mine nearly had that happen. Only because of a last-minute ultrasound in her 38th or 39th week did she find out that she was having a boy. She ended up with two weeks to redecorate and buy all new items (she was originally planning to reuse everything from her older daughter).

thelowend imitation is flattery
03/17/13 3:45 pm

best days of my life were when my son and daughter were born. we didn't find out for either - it was awesome to walk out and announce to our families!

03/19/13 3:06 am

Now the families glue themselves to FB for the announcement. ????

chemandy70 the land of the hand...mi
03/17/13 3:22 pm

There arent many surprises in life any more. Finding out early doesnt allow the greatest question in the world, "what did she have?". Paint the room green and yellow

lycan1234 Boulder
03/17/13 3:06 pm

How else am I going to know what color I paint the nursery?

sarahg1995 Frankfort, IN
03/17/13 2:08 pm

I would want to wait and see for the first and then find out for the second

BamaGirl ROLL TIDE from Arizona
03/17/13 1:18 pm

I don't think I'd want to know, but I think I would do all the old wives tales things to see what they predict.

03/17/13 3:33 pm

My mom and dad bet a foot rub on me. My mom won

03/17/13 11:59 am

I did not have sexual relations with that woman.

beamie Michigan
03/17/13 1:24 pm

18 years she got one of yours for 18 years ????

03/17/13 2:51 pm

It depends on what the meaning of is- is.

03/17/13 11:52 am

Don't care, I'll raise them the exact same way regardless.

MrLove lovers, dreamers and me
03/17/13 11:16 am

I'm a planner, and we didn't know until we found out with either of our kids.

MrLove lovers, dreamers and me
03/17/13 4:01 pm

We found out at the ultra sound and were surprised then, no need to wait.

DrJohnny IPhone
03/17/13 11:07 am

Having our 4th baby in 6 months. Always want to gender ASAP.

beanD California
03/17/13 2:03 pm

When I first read this, I thought you meant this was the 4th baby you were having in a period of six months. And I was like "Um..." :P

scrubby New York
03/17/13 10:21 am

Personnel choice, I'd want to know

Cherryhead97 hogwarts
03/17/13 9:33 am

I like the idea of being surprised

03/17/13 6:28 pm

Why is finding out during pregnancy NOT a surprise? Seems to me you are "surprised" not matter when you find out.

opie99 left coast best coast
03/17/13 9:01 am

I wouldn't find out. Babies need generally the same stuff. I have a baby name list a mile long. No real "need" to know before the baby gets here

dramadaddy stop looking
03/17/13 8:36 am

With our twin girls & our son their gender was known Pre-birth. Once our 4th came around we didn't find out since we already had @ least one of each.

03/17/13 8:25 am

I'd like to know but knowing me I'll forget and it'll be a surprise. The name will hit me when it comes but I'd like to have a girl name Ever

Reneezii Exodus 20. 8 to 11
03/17/13 8:35 am

You won't forget lol it's almost impossible.

03/17/13 8:43 am

You've never met me, ???? I've forgotten my age before.

hoosierwisdom inner voice
03/17/13 8:13 am

I liked being able to call my child by name while he was still in the womb

beanD California
03/17/13 2:04 pm

Just call it "Sport."

themeganalyse Indiana
03/17/13 8:01 am

I wanted to wait he wanted to know only fair option was to flip a coin, he won.

03/17/13 7:50 am

Badly worded question. This makes an assumption that only M/F couples have children. And as we are waiting patiently for our second child, we've decided to wait.

03/17/13 7:54 am

It said or your lady it never said male or female it just said your female partner

commonsense America isnt racist
03/17/13 7:56 am

Uh, only women can have babies.

susanr Colorado
03/17/13 8:23 am

common, would you tell a heterosexual couple who were using a surrogate, because the female of the couple was unable to carry a baby to term, that they weren't "having a baby," to their face?

dramadaddy stop looking
03/17/13 8:34 am

ONLY WOMEN CAN CARRY & DELIVER CHILDREN. Anybody who wants to knit pick every little aspect of this question is a douchebag. Even if it was a M/M couple using a surrogate, she would be their "lady" that's having the child.

Reneezii Exodus 20. 8 to 11
03/17/13 8:40 am

It's says if YOU (that could be male or female) and in parenthesis says "or your lady" (just incase the "you" was a male). It's not that difficult.

03/17/13 9:39 am

Must remember when posting, there are stupid people here.

03/17/13 7:35 am

Wait and see, have a name prepared for both genders.

03/17/13 7:37 am

I also think the idea of painting your child's room pink or blue based on gender is a little cliché.

CaptAmerica Ohio
03/17/13 7:27 am

If I were to get pregnant I would be less worried about the gender and much rather be worried about my money situation in this economy.

wright3f San Diego
03/17/13 11:50 pm

All the more reason to find out. To prepare with good deals, coupons, sales, buying necessities for him/her, etc.

gonzoboy Arizona
03/17/13 7:22 am

If 'my lady' came to me, telling me she'll be giving birth to "our" baby a few months away, I'd be mighty surprised AND skeptical. Did my vasectomy reverse itself?! Is this a miracle conception? AGAIN?! Hmmm... We may need a private meeting with Pope Francis...

RogueMom In a Hand Basket
03/17/13 7:13 am

The last one we waited. They put him on my stomach and I didn't check. I was too tired to care. My husband reached around and checked. It was suppose to be a big moment, but it wasn't that special for me. Boy or girl it was out and that was all I had been consumed with for 5 hours

03/17/13 6:40 am

Out of curiosity, who has found out the sex then at birth the baby was actually the opposite? Our neighbors years ago were told they were having a 2nd girl. Kept all the girl stuff from the 1st. Nursery deco pink, etc. baby was born, doctor plops it up on moms chest, they coo and goo over it for ->

03/17/13 6:42 am

like 10 minutes, then open up the blanket to check her out, and voila. It was a boy. Hello shocker! Lol. Just curious to see how often they get the sex wrong.

03/17/13 6:52 am

Yeah, I know people who that's happened to! Luckily the name was Alexander so they just has to switch it to Alexandra!

03/17/13 7:44 am

How long ago was this? I don't think this is as common anymore.

03/17/13 8:09 am

Around 20 years yes not too common nowadays!

susanr Colorado
03/17/13 8:32 am

I don't think there's a generally accepted rate of accuracy. It depends on a lot of factors including the equipment used, the skill of the technicians, the position of the fetus, etc. Accuracy rates in studies I've read about ranged from 85% to 99%. One of them stated that predictions for males...

susanr Colorado
03/17/13 8:35 am

..were 99% accurate and for females 91%.

I'm surprised that people having an US would not be told that the determination can't be guaranteed to be 100% accurate, or not told anything at all about accuracy - ESPECIALLY if a girl was predicted, which of course is the more likely to be wrong.

03/17/13 8:54 am

This was about 13 yrs ago

PartyFree Nowhere in Particular
03/18/13 2:13 am

I used to work in OB, and it was well-known that girls are harder to determine on US than boys. I'd believe the 91/99 figure.
Also a factor is how early the US is done. Generally, the "big" US is done at 16-20 wks, though gender is usually more difficult to determine before 18 weeks.

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
03/17/13 6:38 am

I wanted to wait, she found out. She's not good at keeping secrets.

MarciS Formerly mjs83
03/17/13 6:34 am

I'm having a girl in 6 weeks. It's almost impossible to prepare without knowing. There is very little gender neutrality in anything. My little girl will certainly wear some blue and play with cars and stuff but most of her stuff is still "girly".

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
03/17/13 6:40 am

Teach her how to shoot guns if you really want to prepare her for life. It'll dramatically help her 'marriage material' portfolio as well.

kongster unchained
03/17/13 6:26 am

I don't understand the rush to find out

fmm Philadelphia suburb
03/17/13 6:28 am

we found out with both our kids - hence we were able to decorate the baby's room, knew what type of clothes to buy, etc

Rosebud Ohio
03/17/13 6:33 am

I get a strong feeling as to gender, and want to make sure I'm right. So strong I can't even think of opposite gender names, at all.

RogueMom In a Hand Basket
03/17/13 7:17 am

I know a lot of older people know this, but here ya go:
1) Double the Name Prep
2) Nothing hung up or folded to the extent it could be.
3) Awkward Baby Showers
4) Neutral, Neutral, Neutral (sometimes harder to find than you think)
5) Double the Preggo questions

Ojjake HumanCyborg Relations
03/17/13 6:05 am

Mah baby's name is Jemimah. XD

03/17/13 5:54 am

We found out with all 4. All girls. :)

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
03/17/13 5:51 am

I'd want to know to be able to plan ahead for the particular gender, but if I didn't know, that'd be fine too.

03/17/13 5:41 am

I'm two weeks away from giving birth and I've known the sex for a long time. Girl!! ???????? I could never wait to know. I'm too impatient. I had to buy all the stuff and decorate the nursery! And contrary to popular belief, i do not think yellow is a unisex color. Lol.

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
03/17/13 5:50 am

I have a yellow and black striped polo that I bought because it looked like a bumblebee. I usually only wear it when I'm feeling rather silly. :)

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
03/17/13 6:41 am

Sounds like my wife. She has NO patience when she's preggers.