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Show Of Hands July 3rd, 2011 12:00am

Better action flicks: the Mission Impossible movies or the Bourne movies?

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07/18/11 12:29 am

Tom Cruise is a Butt pirate and bangs Oprah so I'm going with choice 2.

cryskull Culpeper, VA
07/05/11 12:33 pm

The problem with MI is movie 1&2 were based on rogue MI agents, is movie 3 going to be the same?? Looking at the preview..yes.. Bourne movies were about him trying to find himself, yes there were bad agents, but the movie is about him going from assassin to Joe Blow Human.. My thoughts..

lukeballin Oklahoma
07/04/11 10:41 pm

Bourne series is by far better. Good script and believable characters. The MI movies were awful. Cruise has made some decent movies but that series is extremely cheesy.

DOsmond Rhode Island
07/04/11 7:20 am

I only chose Bourne because I hate Tom Cruise

07/04/11 7:01 am

I saw the first MI movie but none of the Bourne movies. Naturally I chose Bourne.

07/03/11 8:40 pm

Spy Kids>Bourne LMAO

07/03/11 8:20 pm

Debbie does Dallas is better than both MI and Bourne. It has a great plot, with a bunch of explosive action!

07/03/11 7:40 pm

everyone stop trolling, it's the matter of you opinion.

07/03/11 7:36 pm

Die Hard. Matt Damon and Tom Cruise are little girls.

07/03/11 4:38 pm

@bushregime- R u kidding me?? The Bourne series is the best spy/CIA series ever. Re- watch them: Realistic, well acted, and an actual plot.

dotnetdev Georgia
07/03/11 4:36 pm

Tom, please! For God's sake, please get out of the closet. Everyone will still love you. We just want you to come out of the closet!!

07/03/11 4:27 pm

Mission Impossible!
Want to see the new one!

07/03/11 4:15 pm

I have not seen any of the MIs & I'm not terribly interested, either. I have seen the first Bourne & I liked it & do want to see the others.

Oh, & DISTRICT 9 !!!!!!!!!

07/03/11 1:43 pm

I've watched the Bourne movies at least 9 times each, and I'm still not sick of them. I love how they use the whole world ms actually make it look realistic, unlike MI

fgvggfb New York
07/03/11 11:59 am

The Bourne series sucks so I don't know why anyone would pick that

07/03/11 11:36 am

Bourne is more gritty. It's a lot more believable and doesn't look so choreographed.

07/03/11 11:25 am

Bourne, because no Cruise

07/03/11 10:57 am

Matt Damon is sexy<3 and the movie was amazing!

07/03/11 9:53 am

I don't like either, to be honest. I like movies that have action in them, but also other things. I like a strong plot with some action in it.

07/03/11 9:38 am

never heard if Biurne. heard of MI. I don't watch movies...

07/03/11 8:29 am

District 9. But they aren't even the same class. War of the worlds vs. Battle: LA

07/03/11 6:35 am

Tom cruise needs to go away!

George96 Texas
07/03/11 2:38 am

@St.Niklas exactly. The beauty of scenes like the 1 vs. 1 field "duel" in Identity hasn't been matched by MI.

07/03/11 12:57 am

Bourne! Phuck Tom Cruise lol.

07/03/11 12:36 am

District 9 or War of the Worlds?

07/02/11 11:57 pm

I'll like anything with Matt Damon lol

07/02/11 11:43 pm

The Bourne series is better for a couple of reasons.

1) Continued plot development from film to film.
2) Believable action sequences- no stupid stunts, no big explosions.
3) Better acting- Tom Cruise can't hold Matt Damon's jock.

AntiMike Alabama
07/02/11 11:40 pm

I never tire of watching the Bourne movies!
Have all three on blu-ray!

07/02/11 11:12 pm

Bourne. M.I. is too old school.

KudosToYou California
07/02/11 10:54 pm

Despite how loosely based the Bourne movies are off of the books they are significantly better than any Mission Impossible movie.
Better content.
Better filming.
Better movies.

07/02/11 10:47 pm

Tom Cruise's hair seems to be the best actor in the MI movies.

07/02/11 10:43 pm

Tom Cruise is the best actor ever!

07/02/11 10:08 pm

As a series, the Bourne films. However if M.I. 2 wold have been a mission imposable and not a James Bond movie it would win. With both trilogies getting a fourth my opinion may change.

07/02/11 10:07 pm

Damon is a douche. but so is Tom cruise. I only saw th first of either. they both suck.

07/02/11 10:06 pm

I hate it when people comment about being first, it is so stupid

07/02/11 9:52 pm

Bourne rules, and not just because it's my name, either!

GoFlo Peace Through Strength
07/02/11 9:49 pm

@Tony, yes you do. Bunch of goofballs. : )