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Show Of Hands March 15th, 2013 12:50am

Would you rather live on a deserted island with only animals for food, or only fruits and veggies?

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03/19/13 9:12 pm

I would chop some grass down gather seeds, grow some wheat, and breed the animals lol

03/19/13 8:49 pm

Neither. I would die without proper nutrients either way...

03/18/13 8:12 pm

Plants don't run away

03/17/13 6:09 pm

Because its easier to eat fruit that chase, kill, clean, cook.

gspresq9791 Connecticut
03/17/13 5:53 pm

I'm vegan anyway!!

03/17/13 6:34 am

I am very tempted to quit eating meat all together. Well, all but fish

03/16/13 8:13 pm

You can't live without producers, and you can farm plants much more efficiently than animals, especially because plants can grow in large numbers in a shor amount of time, while animals take several years and only provide little amounts of meat. Also, they would need plants to eat.

03/16/13 6:58 pm

How would the consumers survive on an island with no producers?

lectrik Silly gas guzzling Prius
03/16/13 6:45 pm

Well, seeing that it is virtually impossible to survive on the meat island, obviously id choose PETA island.

03/16/13 4:48 pm

This is sort of a dumb question. I PREFER meat...but they provide a substantially more limited range of nutrients. You really couldn't survive on meat alone (you'd get scurvy, for example).

sarahedwards OKC
03/16/13 4:13 pm

Vegans live without animals and animal products and they're perfectly fine(: I'd go vegan!

DanMaclean Michigan
03/16/13 1:43 pm

The animals would be my only friends. I would never eat my friends.

AnthonD Nebraska
03/16/13 1:40 pm

well animals would need plants so id pick animals because then id have both

ATHEIST1 shamokin pa
03/16/13 12:29 pm

Animals would need plants to live so you can just have one or the orher

NonSibi Massachusetts
03/16/13 10:43 am

It takes a lot more energy to hunt down an animal than it does to pick a berry

03/16/13 10:07 am

so plants would be the smarter choice. you can get your protien from peanuts

03/16/13 10:04 am

animals need to be fed and they create waste.

03/16/13 8:55 am

Plants can't get away.

gonzoboy Arizona
03/16/13 8:10 am

I'd like to be on this island with Maxwell, the talking pig and his Geico smartphone app. Can you say, "Open-pit barbecue", boys 'n' girls?! :D

03/16/13 6:19 am

I could eat only meat but not if I had to kill them then eat them, I'll leave that to the kitchen staff

Xyrnus Federal Way WA
03/16/13 5:32 am

Curious why there aren't more vegans/vegetarians.

firebirdle Phoenix
03/16/13 1:57 am

I wouldn't read too deeply into a hypothetical question about nutrition on this one. Meat tastes better plain and simple. My guess is most people realize this is an impossible situation.

ChelseaK1990 OKC
03/16/13 4:42 am

So you think a steak tastes better than watermelon or peaches?

03/17/13 3:54 pm

I agree, I picked meat because it tastes a hell of a lot better.

getupbaby South City
03/16/13 1:21 am

If you only ate meat, you would never crap!

03/15/13 11:28 pm

Seeing how many people chose plants made me think, "Oh, good. People know about scurvy..." Well. I guess that shows me for having any kind of hope.

LOLdayl Ohio
03/15/13 9:50 pm

Animals run, plants don't

03/15/13 9:15 pm

Well.. Plants would provide the efficient vitamins.

bfighter32 earth
03/15/13 7:31 pm

Well seeing I can't kill anything I would have to choose veggies and fruits

03/15/13 6:31 pm

Easier to retrieve, easier to prepare, easier on your body. Veggies. Although I LOVE MEAT >:)

03/15/13 5:26 pm

All meat no veggies = CONSTIPATION So that is why I chose veggies. :0)

03/15/13 4:53 pm

I personally love to have a steak but I would want to be on an island and only have fruits and vegetables. Be healthier for me.

03/15/13 4:23 pm

Plants for food, animals for companionship.

RayX quit
03/15/13 5:07 pm

I'd vote for a nice young native girl for companionship.

RayX quit
03/15/13 11:46 pm

I agree about plants not being good for companionship.
Vegetables don't have much to say and the Fruits & Nuts are all liberals.

03/15/13 3:43 pm

I think that you would survive longer on fruits and veggies because you can get more vitamins from them. Also they are much more sanitary than having a bunch of animals everywhere, not to mention less maintenance.

03/15/13 3:22 pm

Fruits can't run away.

andydrew Behind You
03/15/13 2:35 pm

Via calories per acre, the veggies would be most efficient. Unpleasant, but efficient.

03/15/13 1:54 pm

How would we cook the meat?

03/15/13 4:10 pm

With fire?

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
03/15/13 4:10 pm

With a campfire of course… Oh, but I guess you don't know how to make one. It's really fun once you know how to do it.

03/15/13 10:06 pm

Better yet it's a deserted island where are we getting the weapons to kill animals & on that note what kind of animals because I am not trying to become my dinner's dinner...fruit and veggies purely bc it would be easier I'm too lazy!

Rinnick Deployed, Be Back Soon
03/15/13 1:22 pm

Can you even get enough vitamins via meat to make this feasible? I prefer steak to fruits/veggies but not if I'm just going to end up with scurvy!

03/15/13 1:44 pm

Nope. There are tons of vitamins meat don't carry enough of. And all meat diets can cause heart problems protein poisoning and gastrointestinal problems

03/15/13 11:49 am

Alcohol is not an option?

susanr Colorado
03/15/13 1:28 pm

Alcohol is made from fermented carbohydrates, so that would be plants...

albyunderwater Yesterday
03/15/13 11:01 am

Love me a juicy piece of animal flesh but I could not do it for every meal. It would make me sick.

EnginE3r Texas
03/15/13 10:28 am

The fruits and veggies are easier to get and easier to prepare, plus if there are animals some of them might be interested in turning you into a snack

rons screw politicians
03/15/13 10:03 am

I'd take the veggies, they're easier to kill!

jmw7477 Indiana
03/15/13 9:50 am

I would only want to eat the plants. But I'd miss have animals around for companionship, work (plowing, protection, etc.)

rons screw politicians
03/15/13 10:00 am

Poop cleaning!

03/15/13 10:11 am


jmw7477 Indiana
03/15/13 10:20 am

I'm used to cleaning up poop. I do it now with my pets -- 2 lizards, 3 birds, 3 toads, a hamster, & a dog.

rons screw politicians
03/15/13 11:01 am

Whatever you do don't kiss the frog. They may want to marry you!

jmw7477 Indiana
03/15/13 11:06 am

I've already found my prince.

omniku dot com
03/15/13 9:39 am

I thought an all-meat diet would lead to malnutrition, but apparently Inuits do it. I also found a study in the early 1900s where 2 men ate nothing but meat for a year and were healthy. It had to be fatty meat or they went into ketosis. I think I'd still be worried about scurvy, etc so I'd go veg.

03/15/13 9:33 am

Much more variety in plants. You wouldn't be healthy eating all meat!

Victrino New Jersey
03/15/13 9:28 am

If there's only plants I can still fish.

cornybread The Large Malus Fruit
03/15/13 8:51 am

not animals. I eat them, but I can't do the killing and butchering part. ick

03/15/13 8:47 am

As much as I love to eat meat, I'm not really partial to the thought of getting scurvy.

redwolf thisisavalidlocation
03/15/13 8:41 am

Is the question basically: would you rather eat meat or vegetables and fruit for the rest of your life? Or is it more referring to what survival strategy you would use in the given situation?

03/15/13 8:09 am

How would an ecosystem void of edible plant-life be able to support an animal population?

susanr Colorado
03/15/13 8:31 am

The ecosystem wouldn't have to be void of plant life. Just void of plants that humans could digest. I'm assuming grass, tree leaves, etc. are not part of your normal diet.

8ESBABY Houston
03/15/13 7:55 am

I am a fruit monster! I love it!!

ryno Flyover Country
03/15/13 7:48 am

Are we supposed to include fish, muscles, etc with meat? If so, then I take meat.

Rinnick Deployed, Be Back Soon
03/15/13 1:24 pm

Probably, they sure aren't fruits/veggies!