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Show Of Hands November 2nd, 2011 12:00am

Is the U.S. health care system good or bad? (including access to treatment, finance and payment, information availability, innovation, etc.)

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11/10/11 7:14 pm

@medved putting the word "fact" after something doesn't make it one. Multiple international studies disagree with this assertion.

11/09/11 1:42 pm

It's good until Obamacare gets up and running.

11/08/11 7:38 am

that every industrialized country manages a more effective and satisfactory system without destroying their economy, really says it all.

ryne Tennessee
11/06/11 5:04 pm

Even the rich don't think it's spectacular though

juliana.p Virginia
11/06/11 9:22 am

Look at the income filter. The higher your income, the better you think the health care system is ... What a surprise.

11/06/11 6:08 am

Best in the world. Fact.

11/06/11 3:08 am

I think the system for the poor is corrupt. I've witnessed first hand with my ex and his family and how they manipulated the system. I'm over here working my ass off paying deductibles, checking to see even if a doc accepts my ins plan and they get free health insurance with lies.

11/05/11 1:01 pm

We used to joke in the hospital (albeit somewhat cynically) that those who get the best healthcare in this country are the super rich and the poor (mostly those who know how to milk the system as well as illegals and prisoners etc). Basically if you're middle class you're screwed.

11/05/11 12:04 pm

nater: are you full-time? And did you realize it was not a benefitted position when you applied?

11/05/11 10:12 am

The best quality for intricate but costly procedures. Bad and way too costly for less demanding medical care and prescriptions.

RJ1969 SoCal
11/04/11 11:32 pm

I think you are missing the irony that he works at a hospital, and yet has no supported access himself. irony can be pretty ironic at times.

burnsey89 Louisiana
11/04/11 11:27 pm

Nater, listen to the comment before mine. Not to mention, even if you think it's not fair, why should everyone else have to pay for your benefits? If you want it that bad, don't come take money from me, go out and by your own plan.

11/04/11 10:10 pm

Nater-You agreed to work for them without health insurance so yes, it is fair. You have four years of experience. So go find a better job that has insurance.
My first couple jobs didn't offer insurance. I worked my way up, got some experience, got better jobs, got benefits. That's how people do it.

11/04/11 10:04 pm

We need insurance. So my husband is working at a job that offers insurance. He worked a different one, but didn't stop looking until he found one with good benefits for us. If it is that important to you, you make it happen. Don't just complain. Do something about it.

11/04/11 10:02 pm

Nater- well then switch jobs or get private... It sucks, but nothing is stopping you.
Have you ever asked them for company insurance in those 4 years? Or done anything to get insurance for workers?

11/04/11 8:11 pm

you get a typical illness here in the USA you have a fighting chance to get well. Get that same illness in the third world or Amazon not so much. I say Western medicine is the best the world has to offer

11/04/11 6:03 pm

I'm 27yrs old and have worked at the same major corporate hospital for 4yrs and I DON'T GET BENEFITS. tell me how effin fair that is?

11/04/11 3:35 pm

Obama forcing this "issue" down our throats has made a lot of people think this "issue" needs addressed.

11/04/11 11:32 am

Also, the US infant mortality rate compares to other countries much more favorably once you take into account that we are one of only a few countries that report prenatal deaths and infants who die within 24 hours of birth in our infant mortality rates. Most other countries dont report those deaths.

11/04/11 11:29 am

Yes, RJ- I read it. I didnt comment ootis because my head explodes after seeing that it presumes that UHC will improve our system by default, and that it called for more govt regulation of individual lifestyle choices that affect health.

11/04/11 11:15 am

Obama is just buying votes by creating more entitlements- now the dems have a new voting block made up of people who are scared they'll lose their free healthcare. Just like seniors who vote for anyone who won't take their social security.

jtjr99 California
11/04/11 9:43 am

Why do Dems always want "free" (I am actually paying for it for them) hand outs???

11/04/11 7:01 am

Yeah Burnsey... Florida. Lol.

burnsey89 Louisiana
11/04/11 6:41 am

Haha in Florida, the major swing state. Convenient. Anywho, ours must be pretty good. People come from all over for it

11/04/11 4:54 am

Obama propagates lies.

Obama recently told that 30 million Americans, including a lot of people in Florida, are going to be able to get healthcare next year because of Obamacare. Lie. The CBO estimates that next year only about 1 million more Americans will gain health insurance.

11/03/11 11:11 pm

Go to any other country in the world an then try and complain about our system! Sure it can use improvement but we are the best!

11/03/11 9:03 pm

Akamai, I'm sorry to say my sister's getting an $11K settlement from Seroquel (sp?) though she's over 400 #'s. She says the Seroquel may have caused her diabetes. I cannot *believe* they're doing this class action settlement, from what she tells me, bless her heart!
Is everyone paranoia stricken?

11/03/11 8:36 pm

Ranting done.. Just an issue that I deal with everyday and it's only getting worse.

11/03/11 8:36 pm

The hospitals are some of the best in the world, the technology is also some of the best and the personnel overall are excellent. The fact that healthcare sucks has really nothing to do with the actual healthcare. It's the system that funds it and the Americans (and illegals) that ruin it.

11/03/11 8:33 pm

On welfare programs.

11/03/11 8:32 pm

Lastly, in a climate where more and more people live off of the government and get all this care for free it jacks up the price for everyone else. Medicaid's shitty reimbursement costs gets passed on to those with insurance. Te major medical center I work in reported that 43% of their patients are

11/03/11 8:30 pm

The second part is the people, unhealthy Americans. We are fat and expect hospitals just to "fix" a lifetime of bad habits. It is only getting worse, we live like pigs and can't understand why healthcare is so expensive. A quadruple bypass will cost more than exercise and healthy eating.

jamjay Atlanta, Ga
11/03/11 8:29 pm

Great system as long as you have a good insurance plan with a low co-pay.
Which I Do.

11/03/11 8:28 pm

As a healthcare professional they problem has a few major problems. Of course insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies making money hand over fist isn't helping and politicians are totally corrupted by the money involved in keeping a system broken.

coloradical Vote or Shut Up
11/03/11 8:13 pm

Less Govt regulation = Lower cost health care with more choice due to more competition

11/03/11 7:02 pm

akami when there is no consequence or cap on consumption and full resources provided the response will unchecked over consumption of services

11/03/11 7:02 pm

akami when there is no consequence or cap on consumption and full resources provided the response will unchecked over consumption of services

11/03/11 6:49 pm

Anarchy4s the problem with your argument is that it makes sense

11/03/11 6:40 pm

Comeon:yet people come from all over the world to get care here.....hmmmm

quint13 Texas
11/03/11 5:51 pm

Were ranked low in health care system on a world wide scale, even though we pay the more than any other country.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
11/03/11 3:24 pm

I knew a welfare mom who always called an ambulance to go the hospital rather than take a taxi. When she had a baby she would not bring cloths so they would be provided.

11/03/11 1:20 pm

Our healthcare system has always been good. Things will change to bad if Obamacare is Not repealed.

Wes28 CBus
11/03/11 1:15 pm

It's not great...but it is getting A LOT worse

11/03/11 12:32 pm

Chief62 precisely this problem like most problems in this country are all due to a lack of perspective and the unwillingness for people to recognize how good they have it here

11/03/11 11:42 am

I love helping people.
I hate being FORCED to enable someone's lack of regard for self and others (aka: Abuse of healthcare)
The predominant MediCARE crowd are good folks, they seek service when they are sick (doesn't mean Medicare is good system) In my experience Medicaid promotes abuse.