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Show Of Hands June 20th, 2012 12:00am

Would you prefer controlling a TV or gaming system with your body (using motion sensing technology or your voice) or with a traditional controller?

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06/28/12 11:01 pm

America is OBESE we need the exercise. If video games were exercise America would be more active leading to less child obesity. So for me even though I love a remote, a change would be nice if I could have a choice to use either the xbox/ ps3 remote or my body to control my favorite games.

06/26/12 8:25 pm

My body if I had an entire empty padded room to play in...sadly I do not

06/25/12 8:10 pm

Me! The remote is the most disgusting dirty thing in someones house, yes even more then the toilet or sink. It carries way more bacteria and germs than you could imagine.

06/24/12 8:59 am

Ps move is amazing but it's not practical

Doopy Remedial Americanism
06/22/12 7:55 pm

There's no way to match the speed, accuracy, and economics of the classical video game controller. The next development in game controllers should be improved ergonomics allowing for command of more controls simultaneously, and utilization of the 3rd, 4th, and 5th fingers of each hand.

06/22/12 6:48 pm

My thumb flips faster than I can say 'flip'.

bnnt Los Angeles
06/22/12 4:45 pm

I'd like to control it using telepathy. Maybe Apple is working on that now.

lmurder MDK
06/22/12 11:01 am

Can we control with bowel movements?

06/22/12 9:47 am

BF 3 controller
Forza either

06/22/12 6:00 am

Currently, there is nothing that can replace the accuracy of having physical buttons.

lmurder MDK
06/22/12 1:30 am

I'm not that lazy to have voice activated commands. Either way who gives a shit.

06/22/12 12:59 am

While I'm traditionally a pc gamer, I have to admit that I do love yelling commands at my Xbox/kinect. Makes Netflix more enjoyable even from across the room.

06/22/12 12:24 am

I play to relax, motion-oriented controlling is not relaxing.

06/21/12 10:59 pm

I HATE the Xbox/ps3 controllers.

06/21/12 10:59 pm

I am a computer gamer and unfortunately that genre is dying. Why can't somebody figure out how to hook up a keyboard and mouse to an Xbox.

manlypantss florida
06/21/12 8:44 pm

If it can get much better than the Kinect, then I'd go with that, but controllers are my thing!

06/21/12 8:19 pm

I'm lazy and I'm used to controllers anyway so, I'll take that please

snafu Washington
06/21/12 8:08 pm

I like them both but I grew up playing the old school Mario games on Nintendo and Super Nintendo and I find it easier to play with a controller.

06/21/12 8:04 pm

Motion and exercise sucks, laziness and thumbs are all u need to have fun

06/21/12 6:29 pm

me, only because I have RSI/ carpal tunnel/tendinitis and operating electronics NOT with my hands is much less painful in the long run.

06/21/12 5:09 pm

Well, I don't play game consoles at all, I only play iPhone apps, but when I was a kid I much preferred getting my exercise outdoors: climbing trees, riding my bike all across the boroughs of Queens and Brookyn (age 11), playing tag and other street games, etc. I much prefer outdoor exercise.

striker59 Colorado
06/21/12 4:38 pm

I just played 18 holes of kinect golf with my grandparents... Yeah Remote please.

06/21/12 4:30 pm

It depends on the advancement of technology. Right now? I prefer a remote. Twenty years from now? Possibly.

DeathSheep Michigan
06/21/12 3:59 pm

I prefer remote because at the moment, the "you" controllers suck ass

06/21/12 3:43 pm

First Person Shooters with real guns sound great. I'd use my Ruger Mk II heavy barrel

06/21/12 3:32 pm

Two vastly different systems. I prefer a remote for tv but interactive gaming can be pretty fun.

TallyLu80 Oklahoma
06/21/12 3:05 pm

Oh my jeez!!! Has anyone played Wipeout on the Kinect?!?! Oooh, that game makes me so mad!!!

DamageInc California
06/21/12 3:00 pm

Some things are cool with the body movement but shooting and fighting; I want something in my hands. I don't want to point my finger.

06/21/12 2:49 pm

I don't want the channel to change every time I lift my arm.
I don't want to do calisthenics to change the volume.

acavemand The Burgh
06/21/12 12:41 pm

TabooGoose- you do realize they made a really good version of Skyrim: Kinect right? It has just as good of graphics and there's some awesome features like actually Dragon-Shouting with your voice instead of pressing a button.

cbbfle Nashville, TN
06/21/12 12:18 pm

The only thing I'd like to be the controller is if there was a wraparound screen, and I could aim my gun accurately.. The only problem is running,,,

06/21/12 11:40 am

I'd rather use my body than a remote and a remote over voice command. That way real skill is involved and real energy.

06/21/12 11:12 am

Remote. Would you rather play skyrim and battlefield 3/ call of duty, or pieces of garbage like kinect sports and fruit ninja?!?!?

kateXcore Dark side of the moon
06/21/12 10:39 am

Remote. Check out the break down of votes by age. Exact opposite than I thought it'd be... Interesting.

cowboy Proud Father
06/21/12 10:38 am

I'm good with the remote. Back when I was a kid I was the remote.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
06/21/12 10:30 am

I answered this in the context of available technology. Wii and Kinect are beyond annoying and so imprecise as to be useless. For now a traditional remote is the better option, but I'm standing by for a functional eye scanner control or implant. By the time I think it, it should be happening.

06/21/12 10:13 am

Kinect = garbage

I sold mine after trying to use it for a month

MonAmour Illinois
06/21/12 9:44 am

I hate those motion sensors! My cousin has the Xbox Kinect and maneuvering it is almost aggravating!

KommsWife Indiana
06/21/12 9:43 am

Heck yes. Do you know how much frustration it would save when you can't find the darn remote?

06/21/12 8:58 am

There should be weight filters.

Homgrwn Lost
06/21/12 8:25 am

JUST VOICE not the damn moving stuff that's the point of the remote, you don't have to move!