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Show Of Hands March 9th, 2013 6:30pm

SAT and ACT as standardized tests for college admissions. Good way of evaluating high school students for college, or no?

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Tony SOH Founder
03/09/13 11:59 am

They're imperfect, but I can't think of any better objective alternative.

Emma Austin.ish.
03/09/13 4:20 pm

I agree. There's got to be a standardized, objective way of evaluating prospective students.

MrWolfe Nashville
03/09/13 11:35 am

Worked against me, in a sense.
I was an unorganized student & did not apply myself in areas of which I had little interest.
As a result, my GPA was low. My SAT was high. To colleges I applied to, this = lazy.
Was denied admission despite scholarship offers & had to have strings pulled to get in