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Show Of Hands October 21st, 2012 12:00am

Would it be harder to live without electricity or without indoor plumbing?

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anonymous0 Nevada
10/28/12 8:26 am

Hot water? Camping gear includes shower bag which u leave in the sun for several hours. Electric kettle as well.. Toilet? Can't figure that 1..maybe there's a system sold. A/C- fans are sometimes not enuf.. My vote is keep electricity.

10/27/12 9:08 am

All that picked indoor pluming good job if you didn't poop in your bed and live with it

10/24/12 8:43 am

Gets a little cold in the Midwest to be making a midnight trip to the outhouse. Not to mention snakes and spiders making themselves at home in the outhouse.

centexken Republic of Texas
10/23/12 10:28 pm

I first said electricity thinking about computers and TV. Well heck! I forgot about the refrigerator and central air! It gets downright hot in Texas!

Drathic Over Yonder
10/23/12 9:41 pm

One word: refrigeration

10/23/12 7:04 am

If I have electricity I can pump water in.


10/22/12 11:51 pm

try each for one day. carry all the water you normally use in from the garden hose. don't use the stamina. carry it back outside. don't consider it a comfort issue. no water is a survival issue

crzysxycool Staten Island
10/22/12 10:14 pm

I've lived on my grandparents farm for a few summers and getting water out of a well is much more annoying than lighting a few candles.


10/22/12 8:48 pm

They used to live without electricity we are just so used to being coddled by it how would you feel about having a porta-potty outside your house.

10/22/12 7:32 pm

Gravity works wonders and its called a bucket that would need to be hauled everyday. The sun provides heat & light.

10/22/12 6:50 pm

if u live a few miles out of the city " if u aint got no power, u aint got no water" u need some way to pump it

NYevo NY
10/22/12 4:58 pm

Ever heard of an outhouse? I'd trade the toilet for an air conditioner/heater any day of the week

10/22/12 4:35 pm

Wait till you need to shower, and can't...

10/22/12 4:21 pm

I guess it depends on where you live, i live in the middle of nowhere so wouldnt really bother me much

robolds Initiative
10/22/12 3:36 pm

Gimme a porta John anytime over no ESPN!

10/22/12 2:00 pm

Use a hand pump, windmill, and gravity, like we used to. And natural gas heats water nicely without electricity - just override the auto pilot. Did it during an 8 day blackout - only one on the street with hot showers.

Wert A picture of my junk
10/22/12 1:56 pm

And, the question didn't ask which was more important. If importance is a factor, then electricity. Without that, nothing exists.

Wert A picture of my junk
10/22/12 1:54 pm

I would consider sewer a lot more important than electrical service and thousands of years of history would agree with me.

OFMafia Oklahoma
10/22/12 1:51 pm

I think it would be neat to have a rain catching system to provide running water for outdoor potty/shower that could maybe drain to a large compost area?

BadWolf The Library
10/22/12 1:30 pm

That doesn't make it more important...

10/22/12 12:12 pm

I don't know about you, but I would rather not get my bathwater from the river two miles away, make several trips hauling it back to my house, and spend all day trying to heat it on the stove.

optimist6 Fort Wayne, IN
10/22/12 12:10 pm

That's why we have toilet apps!

10/22/12 10:36 am

No electricity = candles/books/playing outside
No plumbing = pooping in a hole (or bucket)/cold showers/dirty laundry/dirty dishes

bigdaddy1 Nashville
10/22/12 9:34 am

Battery operated is electricity. And hole in ground is not operated by electricity.....

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
10/22/12 9:18 am

Many squatter camps have stolen electricity or solar panels with one central tap or distant river water.

dudley northern Virginia woods
10/22/12 9:12 am

We don't have plumbing without electricity. Electric pump. Lights can be battery operated

bigdaddy1 Nashville
10/22/12 9:09 am

Electricity by far. Anyone can dig a cat-hole or have an outhouse. Electricity can put a fan in your outhouse lol.

bigdaddy1 Nashville
10/22/12 9:07 am

People die now die to lack of energy. Think of the places we inhabit now that couldn't not have been before electricity. No electricity, no a/c or heat...

bigdaddy1 Nashville
10/22/12 9:05 am

Some do. There is a community south of me that the wonderful geniuses built the sewer treatment plant above most of the houses....there are pumping stations with flashing lights on them.... Guess what flashing light means lol!

10/22/12 8:54 am

Outdoor plumbing like outhouses would work just fine for me.

10/22/12 7:57 am

@Wertyio - it depends where you live. We have a water tower, but the water is pumped into it. No electricity=no water.

Also, there is a lift station a block from my house that pumps the sewage to a higher level so it can continue to flow. No electricity=no lift station=no sewage system.

Wert A picture of my junk
10/22/12 7:27 am

You do know that sewer systems work on gravity. Right?

Wert A picture of my junk
10/22/12 7:25 am

There's a reason plumbing came earlier than distribution of electric current.

10/22/12 7:23 am

I have never seen running water to an outhouse! And corn cobs scratch too!

10/22/12 7:20 am

The majority of households would not have indoor plumbing without electricity. Plus sewage would tend to back up without electricity.

10/22/12 7:13 am

As a nation we become third world either way....

As an individual I would prefer no electricity because I don't NEED it as much as I NEED fresh water.

10/22/12 7:10 am

I would be ok using an outhouse. But seriously, no lights, appliances or cars? No thank you

JollyMan93 Big Sky Guy
10/22/12 6:02 am

People died because there was no plumbing on top of no electricity. I say plumbing because I can survive old fashion with it..without it we get a whole bunch of diseases.

10/22/12 5:56 am

Yeah my comment was a joke... Something tells me Bear929 doesn't fully get sarcasm.

10/22/12 5:41 am

If the Entire state was without electricity my big concern would be crime &safety! I cant imagine the horror that would ensue here in Richmond. We are dealing with an abundance of home invasions and robbery in broad daylight now! A pregnant lady just had 3 armed men bust into her home and rob her!:(

10/22/12 5:03 am

Electricity because I have to plug my phone in to get on SoH! (I'm also a little afraid of the dark)

EarlyBird Portland
10/22/12 5:00 am

Eek! Especially when you got groceries to take home.

10/22/12 4:58 am

You'd give up sex? You are a tough guy/gal.

10/22/12 4:57 am

Are we talking as a whole or as an individual? I would imagine no indoor plumbing for an entire nation would lead to severe sanitation problems.