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Do you approve of the job performance of Congress? (UserQ)

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palindrome California
10/07/11 9:56 pm

The politicians in office are a reflection of all of us... So maybe we all need to get our heads out of our asses. Interesting app though, love it. Love seeing the breakdowns and what-not :)

palindrome California
10/07/11 9:55 pm

Why do all these comments turn into "my party/beliefs are better than yours? Why not just keep the comments to how interesting the graphs are and the breakdown depending on the backgrounds? Stop arguing, all of you. YOU'RE the reason this country is the way it is now. YOU and your constant arguing

10/04/11 7:49 pm

The focus has become, how to get elected, not how to run the country. how is it that it has gotten so bad they are passing bills they haven't even read, or pondered the consequences to the American tax payer.

10/04/11 7:43 pm

Amazing that this was ask.....they are not doing their jobs or we wouldn't be in the financial, jobs, housing bubble, class warfare, mess that we are in. what part of there is no money to spend, make a damn budget and stick to it, don't they get.

10/04/11 12:31 pm

look at all the republi-cants disapproval of the congress THEY just voted in.......yet who do they blame?

10/02/11 10:24 pm

That would be a resounding NO. how many times now have we come to the edge of government shutdown?

Unfortunately, the only way I see Congress being effective at all is if the way politics is played changes.


10/02/11 8:33 pm

seriously people, why cant u just pick politicians who aren't semi retarded and completely immature?

10/01/11 11:44 pm

The U.S. Congress has made a laughing stock of themselves during the current presidency. They have made it impossible to get anything done in Washington. The Republicans are largely responsible for the problem. While I'm a registered Repub in the next election I won't reelect one of these idiots.

RJ1969 SoCal
10/01/11 5:57 pm

I promise to try and get my representative out to the best of my ability! unfortunately, they guy is rich beyond belief and will outspend any opposing candidate by at least 100 to 1.

10/01/11 11:03 am

Everyone who voted no (myself included) should vote for a non-incumbent in our next elections and see what happens if things are shaken up.

09/30/11 6:49 pm

one person should some up the problem: John Boehner.

09/30/11 6:09 pm

I do love Michigan, let me think about it. Might be after winter, you know how old folks are when cold?

spoiler Michigan
09/30/11 5:40 pm

Jopat- you could always move to another country. I communicate just fine w everyone I come in contact w, no smog here and zingermanns deli has the best sandwiches in the world. I love where I live.

09/30/11 4:56 pm

yep jokes on me again!

RJ1969 SoCal
09/30/11 3:46 pm

jopat, you might not want to bet that your fantasy will ever come true. somehow, it will probably continue on as it has for decades.

09/30/11 3:24 pm

funny guy......maybe your real-estate bubble will pop as everyone with a business leaves the state. Who knows maybe then you could afford something with indoor plumbing?

RJ1969 SoCal
09/30/11 3:12 pm

funny, I live here and have no problems communicating with everybody. are you sure you're speaking English?

RJ1969 SoCal
09/30/11 3:03 pm

1/2 the pop can't speak English? really? you're not being slightly dramatic now, are you?

09/30/11 3:02 pm

RJ it just gets old hearing what a great place you live in when your broke half the population can't speak English and the smog and congestion, yeah it's awesome!

09/30/11 3:02 pm

RJ it just gets old hearing what a great place you live in when your broke half the population can't speak English and the smog and congestion, yeah it's awesome!

09/30/11 3:01 pm

RJ it just gets old hearing what a great place you live in when your broke half the population can't speak English and the smog and congestion, yeah it's awesome!

09/30/11 2:44 pm

What performance? All they seem capable of doing is saying "NO" to whatever the other side of the isle has to say. That does at least make them consistent, but to who's benefit?

RJ1969 SoCal
09/30/11 2:23 pm

right, like agricultural products, food preparation costs, and maintenance services. All skyrocket because of low-wage earners.

09/30/11 2:07 pm

it's amazing how much illegals can drive up prices!

RJ1969 SoCal
09/30/11 1:22 pm

yeah, that's called the market. it's how prices are established. by demand.

09/30/11 8:27 am

Rosebud: I do live in CA. But it's too damn liberal, it's overrun with illegals, and it's slowly earning Third World Status. Plus it's expensive and overcrowded. I could have 3 homes and a few acres in Texas for what we paid for our house!

09/30/11 8:21 am

MaleRN, the reason you aren't in Cali is exactly the same reason as me! That's where his family is. But I'd be miserable that far from mine. Plus, I've lived here almost 20 years, since my first Christmas.

09/30/11 8:14 am

Boy jedws, I am a hopin we have all 3!

jedws South Carolina
09/30/11 7:46 am

The current congress is doing exactly what we voted them in to do last November, which was stop the socialist take over of our country. Now in 2012 when we have congress, senate,and the press. They will actually be able to make changes. Without all 3 stopping Obama is the best you can expect

09/30/11 5:47 am

@redBBW: true. But I'd rather have no jobs bill than the Obamer jobs plan, which uses taxpayer money to create public sector jobs which benefit unions and buy votes for his re-erection campaign.

redebbm 91709
09/30/11 5:34 am

I see the republican leadership voted yes for themselves. Seriously there are 0 jobs bill passed this congress. 0! They campaigned on jobs! Where are the jobs Speaker Boehner? The president submitted a jobs bill.

09/30/11 4:08 am

Public Policy Polling (a left-leaning organization) has Ron Paul @ 44% to Obama's 45%. interesting...

09/30/11 3:53 am

So... Bank of America is going to start charging it's members $5.00 a month to use their debit cards. That stinks. That's on top of the fees you're paying now.

See what happens when Congress/Obama put their boot on the throat of private corporations? The consumer gets f'd.

09/30/11 3:47 am

Micky: you got ta address your comments to the person you're responding to, brother. Come on! You gotta get your shizzle together.

My wife won't leave her parents, or we'd be gone.

09/30/11 3:02 am

Interesting. People hate congress more than Obama. Could Obama pull off another Truman vs Dewey?

Jzz California
09/30/11 2:33 am

you seem to hate california.. why not move there?

09/30/11 2:13 am

The governor of Virginia is kicking some ass... things are going good there.

09/30/11 12:56 am

What career did your intelligence and education take you into?

09/30/11 12:55 am

Academic decathlon? We had that at our school. They were geeks. I was a multisport athlete. I excelled in football, and continued to play at the community college. Big whoop though. I was a defensive lineman. I was using steroids then. I am 6'2" and I weighed 275 then. I was strong. Now I am an RN!