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Show Of Hands July 31st, 2011 12:00am

Do you maintain a supply of cash, food, and/or other survival items that could sustain you and yours during a prolonged emergency?

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drae Minnesota
08/14/11 9:55 pm

heck it's minnesota, gotta keep enough extra in the house to survive a few days, blizzards!

kitten2cat Unknown
08/13/11 1:08 am

I have no guns, extra supplies, storm shelter, or anything else involving me surviving on my own without power, running water, and grocery stores. I would be doomed without a doubt if anything happened to the USA.

08/07/11 8:43 pm

26% of ppl r paranoid

08/05/11 7:02 pm

Uhhhhh ZOMBIES......,....

08/05/11 11:39 am

Nope what can happen in Texas other than someone havin a heat stroke it's 108 degrees outside already!!!

08/05/11 11:31 am

My family live I illinois so we keep canned food, flashlights and other things in the basement in case of tornados.

08/04/11 2:09 am

See my reply about 90 days without electricity.
Since people are behaving more and more like animals anymore, I'd definitely have weapons loaded too.
Many people can't take care of themselves anymore so those people would resort to desperate measures. I'd resort to defending me and what's mine.

08/03/11 7:42 pm

It's interesting to see which users from which states say they keep guns.

08/03/11 11:47 am

I keep a closet full of guns for when the zombies atack

08/03/11 4:32 am

I'm ready! My jewels are sewn into my robes.

08/02/11 11:02 pm

I dare say, the most important thought here is, "better safe, than sorry"

08/01/11 10:55 pm

After Katrina I won't be without the essentials. Now I live in the new Madrid quake zone. It may catch me by surprise but not unprepared. Common sense folks. It's not about being crazy, it's about making your family safe.

6fingers Texas
08/01/11 8:54 pm

Lots of guns & ammo, water filter for camping and camping gear. Most my friends tell me they will meet me at my house if shut hits the fan.

superbill Georgia
08/01/11 8:01 pm

@herobrine still doesn't give you the right to disrespect the president.

08/01/11 11:55 am

Hope for the best but plan for the worse

08/01/11 11:55 am

I have short term survival about 2 weeks worth, water, meds, MRE, we also have long term, 500 gal tank propane underground with generator, well for water. guns and ammo. and yes people guns will be needed. some cash but some gold and silver all in storm shelter in gun safe

herobrine Texas
08/01/11 8:39 am

Irs easy to say someones ignorant but a true measure of knowledge is knowing how little you really know

superbill Georgia
08/01/11 5:37 am

@capnden you're ignorant and blinded. Sure Obama isn't the best president but we were screwed before him and some old fashioned republican won't make all the debt go away. Also, don't disrespect the president. You can hate him all you want but unless he's hitler keep it to yourself. It's just wrong.

08/01/11 3:18 am

but not's for my boat trips. I just never unpack it.

08/01/11 2:11 am

I drive one of those trucks. It and the groceries would go to my house, and be defended by my safe full of guns and ammo. Good luck to you all.

08/01/11 2:09 am

remember how stores used to have a warehouse out back? peek in the back of your grocery store today. NOTHING back there, it all on trucks. It's called" just in time delivery" when it hits the fan, the stores will be empty within a couple days.

emsies Seattle
08/01/11 1:02 am

We don't have, like, a shed of food incase of a nuclear war, but we have a bunch of canned stuff and we're pretty creative.

08/01/11 12:32 am

Regardless of comments on guns being unnecessary, I think they are still an important defense tool, and plus, you can hunt with them....mmmm deer jerky. :P I just think they're comforting to have.

07/31/11 11:58 pm

Throughout our evolutionary history, food had been scarce, so in order to ensure survival, humans have been genetically programed to eat as much as they can whenever food is available. Unfortunately, when food is abundant and rich in calories, as it is today, the results can be ugly.

fairness a coward dies 1000 deaths
07/31/11 11:06 pm

I fail to see your comments connection to the question. You cant blame the prez for a natural disaster or zombies. Save your political comments For a political question.

07/31/11 10:56 pm

I'd rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it... It's kinda like having insurance on your car, except it's you...

RJ1969 SoCal
07/31/11 10:11 pm

plus, it doesn't hurt to live right next to a Marine Base!

07/31/11 10:09 pm

thumbs up! some prep is better than none.

RJ1969 SoCal
07/31/11 10:09 pm

he he said dude, dude!

RJ1969 SoCal
07/31/11 10:08 pm

I have prepared to some degree...but are we ever really fully prepared. while not a Mormon, my extended family on my M's side is. I've picked up on one of their better traits.

07/31/11 10:05 pm

prepared or not, the extreme happens. history... our own RECENT history has shown it doesnt take much for civility to break down. dude, youre in CA! i know youve experienced at least a tremor that should have you consider preparing for a moderate EQ

RJ1969 SoCal
07/31/11 10:01 pm

in the vast majority of cases, people will be helping other people, pulling ourselves through it.

RJ1969 SoCal
07/31/11 10:00 pm

people should be prepared to defend themselves. but a prolonged emergency doesn't mean your road warrior fantasies will be necessary.

RJ1969 SoCal
07/31/11 9:59 pm

slippery slope. way to jump to the extreme.

07/31/11 9:46 pm

and whats worse is that a day ago the same unprepared people said that chaos would reign if we lost the power grid for 90 days! WTH??!

07/31/11 9:42 pm

yeah nobody in america should be prepared to defend themselves from their neighbors in an LA riot or Katrina style emergency. cause americans would never stoop to looting or plundering...

RJ1969 SoCal
07/31/11 9:38 pm

do epode here really think they need to defend themselves from their neighbors in an emergency?

RJ1969 SoCal
07/31/11 9:35 pm

from reading comments below, to many a prolonged emergency seems to mean a post-apocalyptic Mad Max waste land. food, water supplies...great. guns, more guns, and bigger guns? seriously. a prolonged emergency doesn't kea you ees to go out shooting people and taking their stuff.

07/31/11 9:14 pm

The sky is falling glenn beck heads can grow their own food if they want. I have faith that the country will be fine well after I'm gone.

07/31/11 9:09 pm

when the zombies come, you'll be sorry... :-)