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12/27/12 12:31 am

It's not always what you know, it's can you figure it out.

cowboy Dog Father
12/26/12 11:23 am

Need to buy a vowel?

12/23/12 8:15 pm

I'm a Jeopardy expert like Morgan Freeman in the bucket list ! :) ;)

12/22/12 2:20 pm

Yea.....cause...yea never mind I refuse to comment.

cowboy Dog Father
12/22/12 11:23 am

Neither. I have more than one brain cell.

handshown The Midwest West Coast
12/21/12 9:56 pm

Jeopardy. Especially if its hosted by Will Farrell.

ladyniner81 I hate people
12/21/12 9:46 pm

Jeopardy..I love trivia, you learn stuff, and it's fun yelling out the answers..But it's also fun laughing at the idiots on Wheel of Fortune when they get too greedy, or they hit bankrupt, lose a turn.. I always end up seeing it when the STUPIDEST people are on there

susanr Colorado
12/21/12 6:57 pm

Jeopardy. It's just more interesting. Plus I really can't stand the kind of game-show hoopla & silliness that Wheel has much more of.

PeppyHare Do a barrel roll
12/21/12 4:34 pm

I feel like jeopardy is more entertaining to watch than wheel. .

Melon No Ducklips
12/21/12 4:06 pm

Both are entertaining in their own ways. Jeopardy provides a little more gratification with more "answers". Wheel USED to be better when you could pick your prizes after the rounds
Although the prizes were kind of meh.
I'm all Alex Tribeck (sp).

Melon No Ducklips
12/21/12 4:01 pm

I know I shouldn't laugh at these comments but I laughed so hard I choked...

12/21/12 1:57 pm

I have a very smart cousin, who was on Jeopardy. Unfortunately, he ended up with no prize money. He bet everything on the final question and didn't get the right answer. But, he still enjoyed the experience overall.

I hardly ever know the answer (question, actually). But when I do, I am proud.

MCR The Moon
12/21/12 11:49 am

Sadly, no :( waay too much in insurance

kailac VFL
12/21/12 11:04 am

Even if you come in 2nd or 3rd place on jeopardy you get money too.

cornybread The Large Malus Fruit
12/21/12 10:56 am

if you enjoy dumb, then don't complain about how dumb the contestants on wheel are...

lmurder MDK
12/21/12 10:51 am

Wheel. More fun and everyone is a winner.

MCR The Moon
12/21/12 10:39 am

My mom won wheel of fortune when I was four I think. She won about 30 grand and a bright red, convertible Chevy Camaro :D

Loadmaster Sacto
12/21/12 10:15 am

Wheel, for only one reason: I love watching someone who is on a roll hit "Bankrupt"

cornybread The Large Malus Fruit
12/21/12 10:11 am

intelligence level? we're really comparing them based on that? they're just game shows. yes, jeopardy is an intelligent game show, but wheel of fortune is fun! who cares how smart or dumb the contestants are?

cornybread The Large Malus Fruit
12/21/12 10:08 am

I've seen some really smart people on wheel. not all of them, but some of them are brilliant when it comes to figuring out word puzzles.

cayenne Texas
12/21/12 10:03 am

Duh--sounds like i fell below the wheel! ;)

cayenne Texas
12/21/12 10:02 am

Watch Wheel to mock the contestants. Just yest. I said they must have an intelligence bar below which Wheel must fall to qualify as players!

elleck SOH Fan Club
12/21/12 9:39 am

My high school math teacher David Honea was on one of the college episodes of Jeopardy and Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? He's a genius, it was always great to talk to him.

12/21/12 8:39 am

Let's see your answer: a tracing of half of your hand. And you wagered... the other half

sarakay Down the Bayou
12/21/12 8:22 am

More like questions to the answers.

jho2010 Pennsylvania
12/21/12 8:21 am

My grandpa always said someone was underneath the wheel with a brake! Hahaha!

jho2010 Pennsylvania
12/21/12 8:21 am

How much did she win?

chile safer than congress
12/21/12 7:52 am

Go Razorbacks! and stuff...

chile safer than congress
12/21/12 7:43 am

I'd have to knock more teeth out of my mouth and suffer a few concussions to enjoy Wheel. Or, I could just move to Arkansas.

knicole Seattle
12/21/12 7:27 am

I like watching jeopardy better but I want to be a contestant on wheel... I am waiting for my callback pat!!! Haha.

DunkinFrunk Austin area, Texas
12/21/12 7:27 am

Jeopardy actually allows me to learn something. Plus I like to see how many answers I know.

12/21/12 7:09 am

I wondered how long it would take. That is hands down my favorite SNL sketch.

lindiihop Michigan
12/21/12 6:49 am

I always feel so stupid when I watch Jeopardy unless it's the Kids version, which is why I much prefer Wheel. I never know any of the answers to the questions!

12/21/12 6:32 am

I spent five years of my life trying to invent an anal bum cover. Failure to do so is my greatest regret.

12/21/12 6:21 am

I always feel like Wheel is rigged. Someone ends up waayyyy ahead and then it's like, 'gee, who's gonna win?'

dadstad Texas
12/21/12 6:08 am

My daughter in law won on Wheel and we have watched ever since. I love Jeopardy!

golfergolfer 19th hole
12/21/12 5:56 am

Wheel of Fortune is kinda like NASCAR ... ya know, round and round in a circle really fast. Very annoying, can't stand it. And what's with the clapping while the wheel s spinning? Jeopardy all the way.

12/21/12 5:50 am

Hate Wheel. Like Jeopardy. Love Cash Cab! Bill Baily!

cornybread The Large Malus Fruit
12/21/12 5:48 am

I love both, but I'm such a word person! I'm always guessing the puzzles along with the people on wheel. I want to go on that show one day - it's on my bucket list!

jmw7477 Indiana
12/21/12 5:28 am

I only watch these shows when hubby isn't watching TV with me. He's a genius when it comes to fixing things, but he's not very book smart. I'm the opposite. That's why our marriage works.

dannypo Michigan
12/21/12 4:52 am

I can't stand Wheel of Fortune. I call it Stupid People Guessing. and that's exactly what it is.

arste New York
12/21/12 4:48 am

Who doesn't like wheel of fortune?

cherubrial San Francisco
12/21/12 2:37 am

I prefer to watch Jeopardy, but Pat Sajak is hilarious. One of my favorite people of all time.

AnnieM The Island
12/21/12 1:23 am

I like both well enough, but I find that I end up yelling angrily at the tv far more often when I watch Wheel with compared to Jeopardy. With Jeopardy I get to feel smart and learn things. A nice balance.