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Show Of Hands March 6th, 2013 10:00pm

Went on a museum tour of the Dead Sea Scrolls and saw something that brought much controversy in line among all viewers. Issue was they took away AD/BC for BCE/CE. Which is before common era and common era. Which would you prefer? Please explain

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susanr Colorado
03/06/13 3:54 pm

BCE/CE has been in use for some time in some realms but you sure don't see it a lot in general. It makes me think of pasting a label on top of an older label just so you don't offend someone, but leaving the older label underneath. I do think "anno Domini" must stick in the craw of anyone who..

susanr Colorado
03/06/13 3:58 pm

isn't Christian if they stop to think about it, but who does? Personally (as an atheist) I don't find it any more offensive than symbols of Christmas, which is to say, only very mildly so & not worth bothering about. However, don't the Dead Sea Scrolls pertain only to Jewish scripture & other..

susanr Colorado
03/06/13 4:00 pm

writings? I can see preference for the use of BCE/CE in that case... Except for what I forgot to point out initially, that they refer to exactly the same time points. Which is why it just seems like whitewashing to me.

Doopy Remedial Americanism
03/06/13 7:28 pm

That's pretty much how I feel about it. For western culture especially, the case that the birth of Jesus is the most pivotal event in recorded history is pretty easy to make, whether you believe he was God or not.

It's a good event to have your calendar miss by for years.